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Glurk (A Love Story)

I seem to be unable to wake up today. I blame the Vitamin D from all that unexpected sunlight yesterday evening.

Yesterday, I did 1,123 words on "The Sea Troll's Daughter," which I think I'm almost halfway through. Or maybe a little less than almost halfway. Thereabouts. It's a very different piece for me. The closest I've ever come to doing this sort of "sword and sorcery" fantasy is the Beowulf novelization. Spooky's (humglum) liking it, and Sonya (sovay) is liking it, and that's usually a good sign. I've not shown it to anyone else yet.

I spoke with Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press this morning, before I was quite awake. So there's no telling what I said. I have been told that I can announce (drum roll, please) that subpress will be doing my next short-fiction collection, The Ammonite Violin and Others, which will include an introduction by Jeff VanderMeer, and which will be a 2010 release. We also talked about Confessions of a Five-Chambered Heart, the third (and final) erotica collection, which I think is still planned for 2010, and about The Dinosaurs of Mars, which is, alas, still anybody's guess.

My thanks to everyone who's taken part in the latest round of eBay auctions. Spooky will be listing new items sometime this afternoon.

As I said (or did I?), the sun came out late yesterday afternoon, and that's the only thing that finally got me moving, that got the words flowing. After work, we drove down to Warwick and picked up Spooky's belated birthday present, a new turntable so that she can begin digitizing the squillion or so pieces of vinyl she has stored at her parents. The drive was good, getting out of the House, and seeing the sun and blue sky after all these days without either. It's sunnyish today, though I think thunderstorms are inbound.

Watch for today's micro-excerpt tweet from The Red Tree, over at greygirlbeast

So, yeah. Time to make the doughnuts.
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