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Rain, rain, go away....

Well, it's not actually raining at this particular fucking moment, but neither is there the sun and warmth we were promised, as late as 2 ayem when I went to bed. Grey skies, and it's a mere 66F. I glanced at the weather for June over at, day by day thus far and it looks like March, not June. Not even here in gloomy ol' Providence.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,035 words on "The Sea Troll's Daughter." It's coming along.

Man, it's really very hard to build any momentum here, in this entry. There's just no enthusiasm. My head is filled with clouds. I think there's mold growing on my iMac.

Last night, we had a really fine pizza from Fellini's on Wickenden Street for Spooky's birthday dinner. Sometime later, I created a new WoW character, a Draenei paladin named Kalií and got her to Level 8 in just a couple of hours. She's on our Secret Server, where Spooky recently created a human rogue named Kittay (I call "it" Kit). Why are we playing Alliance again? I don't really know. Spooky started this. Me, I just tag along. And Kalií is awfully hot. Basically, the Draenei are what you'd get if you dropped a Klingon, a Luxon, a satyr, and a Nebari into a genetic blender. And how can that not be sexy. At least I can find sunny skies in WoW.

Not quite two hours remaining in The Merewife auction. Do please have a look. This is not an item I'll be offering on eBay again anytime soon (and maybe not anytime again ever). Clothbound, out of print since 2005. My thanks to everyone who's bid in the current round of eBay auctions.

I suppose I should go finish my coffee, stare out at the clouds, see what people are twatting over at Twitter (greygirlbeast), maybe hurt myself with a fork.

Oh, almost forgot. Yesterday, kiaduran correctly guessed that the micro-excerpt from The Red Tree was making reference to Tennessee William's Suddenly, Last Summer (which, by the way, is referenced throughout the novel).

Postscript (1:35 p.m.): Please, it would be doing me a kindness if you'd not comment that a) you're someplace where the weather is very hot, and so you wish you were here where it's chilly, or b) that you're someplace where it's chilly, and you love it that way. Not the sort of thing I need to hear just now (and I've been hearing it for weeks).

Postscript 2 (1:44 p.m.): Spooky just made our reservations for ReaderCon 20. But I swear to fuck, it's tempting to skip the con, and take a train, or drive, south until we find warmth and spend a couple of days baking and sweating.
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