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Happy Birthday, Spooky!

Yes, it's true. Today is Spooky's birthday!

And she'll just have to make do with the French-maid outfit this year, because the naughty-nurse outfit is in the dirty laundry (not inappropriately).


Yesterday, I wrote a very decent 1,551 words on "The Sea Troll's Daughter," which is coming out sort of vaguely like a quasi-feminist Beowulf. I hope this will be a good thing. Last night, Vince sent me the rough sketch for "The Mermaid of the Concrete Ocean" (to appear in Sirenia Digest #43). There's always a rough sketch, before the final version, so I can see what he has in mind. Here's this month's (behind the cut):

Copyright © 2009 by Vince Locke

Here in Providence, we're trying to decide if it's King's The Mist or McCarthy's The Road. It has become apparent that, in order to determine which, we'll have to sally forth and see whether we have roving gangs of cannibals or alien bug monsters. Still grey, cloudy, rainy, chilly. No sun in the sky anymore.

So, for those watching the current eBay auctions, please note that The Merewife hardback auction will be ending tomorrow. My thanks to everyone who's bid thus far.

And micro-excerpt #4 from The Red Tree will be posted very soon at greygirlbeast. If we can just add 15 followers a day, I'll have a thousand by the time to book is released on August 4th. Promotion!*

And now, the platypus (and the coffee, and the birthday girl) calls.

* First person who names what the play (and its author) being referenced in today's micro-excerpt wins a mention in the blog tomorrow.
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