greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

World of Peacecraft?

So...I'm tooling along through Ashenvale (long story), and Suraa and I come upon a Draenai being pursued (or so it appears, and one would reasonably assume) by a troll hunter and her cat. We stop. We attack the Draenei. The troll starts shouting, "Don't do that! That's mean!" I kill the Draenei. The troll says, "I wish I had an Alliance character :(" (Yes, she used the emoticon in rp chat). I asked why. She said, "So I could come kill YOU!" I said (without breaking character), "Are you giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Shall I carry word of this behavior to your superiors?" She said, "Don't be a hater :(" (yes, emoticon). Suraa and I rode off, utterly baffled, after Suraa rped kicking the dead Draenei in the head.

I'm pretty sure we strolled into the midst of some hot Draenei-on-troll action, or someone's trying the use World of Warcraft to wage peace.


As for the earlier post, I'm not dead or anything, though I do appreciate all the well wishes. Too many nights of serious insomnia and nightmares, compounded by the frustration and stress of trying to write a story that I finally had to shelve yesterday. Mostly, I need to sleep, without dreams. And find a new story...

Draenei and trolls. What's the world (of Warcraft) coming to?
Tags: "the alchemist's daughter", dreams, gaming, insomnia, sick

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