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transient overcast of the sullied mind

Addendum: This day has been crazy hectic so far. I just got off the phone with my film agent at UTA and my lit agent at Writer's House, about this whole thing with The Dry Salvages. Also, we've been talking to a couple of indie filmmakers in Toronto who want to do "Two Worlds, and In Between," so I've been having to make decisions about that as well. We managed to read through all of "Bradbury Weather," which I'm very pleased with, I think. It needs a few nips and tucks, but it's a clean story (well, not a clean story, as it actually contains more references to sex than most of my stuff, but anyway). I had a scare with the iBook that turned out to be something really stupid, something that was just me being a dumbass. I had to call my editor at Penguin. I remembered that I haven't sent in the first round of Bookslut interview questions, though I'd promised to send them yesterday. That's the sort of day it's been.

I think I'm about to flee the apartment just to catch my breath.

But. Yes. Stuff I forgot earlier today.

First, just a dream. And occurring as it did amid my usual array of big-budget nightmares, it seems very tame and of little consequence. But it's stuck with me all day. I was looking at a photograph of myself, taken years ago when I lived in Athens. My hair was bright, bright neon red and in dreads. I had some really beautiful tattoos on my right arm and the right side of my face and neck (in fact, I have no tattoos whatsoever). And I just looked so much younger and prettier than I've ever looked in my life. Softer. Anyway, when I awoke, this is what stayed with me. I lay in bed, waiting for Spooky to wake up, feeling a strange sadness that it was only a dream of a memory of a former me, that that former me had never actually been (unless...but let's not go there just now).

Also, I received this e-mail yesterday, which I shall post in order to fulfill the request it's author has made of me (from mrs.logic@gmail):

I'm e-mailing to ask if you could possibly mention on your blog that the deadline for registering to vote is this Saturday, October 2nd 2004 in many states.

A lot of people, maybe a lot of young people, don't realize that the deadline is a month before the actual election day, and they lose their chance to vote.

I read your blog enough to know that you would love a change of leadership in this country, and perhaps many of your readers would too.

Well, I should hope so, at least. Consider yourselves warned. If this deadline applies to your state (I don't have a list, but I know Georgia's one of them), register by Saturday, or you'll be sitting this one out. And, on the one hand, I've ceased to be one of those "participate or you have no right to complain" people. This system is just too entirely screwed to justify that attitude. But. On the other hand, we must consider the lesser of the two evils, and that one evil may be far, far greater than another. You may dream of better things and ideal systems, but you have to live in this world. And, right now, the most powerful man in this world is a war-mongering, theocratic, fascist bastard with no regard for your life, your liberty, or the future generations who will inherit this planet. You can change that part.

By the way, if someone has the list of states with Saturday deadlines for voter registration and will e-mail it to me at, then I'll post it here later.

Addendum to addendum: Thanks to Zpydah Violent, who just e-mailed me a link to the site with deadlines for voter registration. It is here. Also, I've just learned that my old publicist at Penguin is leaving the company, and I'll be getting a new publicist. The flux continues.

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