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Words about yesterday, mostly.

First, something I need to be reminded of every so often:

What is the common touch that it is supposed to be so goddamned desirable? The common touch is usually an inept, stupid, clumsy, unintelligent touch. It is only the uncommon touch that amounts to a damn. (John Steinbeck, 1949)

Thank you, Mr. Steinbeck.

Another grey and chilly day here in Providence.

Yesterday, I spent an additional four or five hours on "Galápagos," dithering, tweaking, and worrying over continuity and science. At least one page was entirely rewritten. And, finally, realizing that I was losing my ability to look at the story objectively, I sent it off to the anthology's editor.

And today, I go back to work on Sirenia Digest #42, which should go out to subscribers on the 31st. Oh, and, while she was here, Sonya (sovay) requested a dragon story for #43, and I've actually managed to think of one, so I suspect that's the next thing I'll be writing. At the moment, I'm calling it "The Alchemist's Daughter," but this is definitely subject to change.

Yesterday, I got the initial pencils for Vince's illustration for "Fish Bride," and I'm very pleased. #42 should be a splendid issue.

Also, thanks to Amanda for the Dreamwidth invite codes. Last night, I was able to back up the LJ, including comments, images, and tags, to Dreamwidth, which takes quite a load off my mind. For now, I have no intention of actually moving to Dreamwidth. It will be there as a mirror, and nothing more, so long as LJ continues to function. I like it here just fine, mostly.


I continue to be amazed and appalled at Fox's decision to renew Dollhouse (though only a half season on a reduced budget) and dump Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Especially in light of the fact that, turns out, Dollhouse is the lowest-rated show in twenty years to score a renewal. I sincerely hope Fox doesn't think this qualifies as some sort of belated atonement for the way they butchered Firefly, which was, you know, actually a good Joss Whedon show that deserved a chance.

And, as long as I'm being appalled, I'm appalled at the news that Kaz Kuzui is trying to scare up interest for a new feature-film "reboot" of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, sans the TV series' cast, the series' characters, or even Joss Whedon's involvement. I can only hope this plan falls through, and falls through hard. On its face. On concrete.

Okay...I'm stalling. Off to the word mines....
Tags: "galápagos", bad ideas, blogging long-term, editing, sf, sirenia, television, vince

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