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"And when the waves came crashing down, he closed his eyes and softly kissed her."

Okay. Back to work today.

The last couple of days were nice. Sonya (sovay) came down from Boston on Tuesday evening. Spooky and I met her at the train station, then the three of us had dinner at an Indian place on Wickenden Street. Later, back home, we made a double feature of "Once More, With Feeling" (from Season Five of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Repo! The Genetic Opera. And Sonya and I sat up late, talking about books and writing, mostly.

Yesterday, the three of us saw the matinée performance of Laura Schellhardt's play Shapeshifter, at the Trinity Repertory Company in the Dowling Theater on Washington Street. It was wonderful, an Orkney village confronted with a swan, a selkie, and a dragon, and the consequences of allowing (or forcing) them to live among humans, as humans. After the play, we went to Benefit Street, to the Providence Athenaeum, and I met Geoffrey Goodwin (readingthedark), so that he could finish up his interview with me (place and date of publication TBA). It's wonderful, sitting downstairs at the Athenaeum, surrounded by the scent of old books and old wood, with the ghosts of Poe and Lovecraft. It went very well, and, afterwards, we swung back by the house to get Sonya's things. Her train back to Boston left Providence about 7:20 p.m.

So, yes. A very good, if somewhat exhausting, two days. Last night, Spooky and I had leftover Chinese, watched three episodes of The X-Files, and she read me another chapter from The Voyage of the Narwhal, but I had trouble staying awake.

A quick thank you for gifts, to Melissa, Geoffrey, Sonya, Jada, and whoever sent me the copy of Serenity: Better Days. Thank you all. Also, my thanks to everyone who wished me a happy -05th birthday (mostly on Facebook). Someone asked what "-05" means. Simply, a sum of years I wish not to name, plus five.

If you've not already, please consider picking up a copy of the new-trade paperback edition of Alabaster and/or a copy of the the mass-market paperback of Daughter of Hounds.

Here in Providence, it's been grey and chilly since Tuesday. I say it feels more like March, than latest May, but I'm new to these parts and still making the adjustment.

Oh, and my thanks to Derek, for sending this exquisite link.

Finally, could someone please send me a Dreamwidth invitation?
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