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"Ko agi agi boroi tika oli oe lau?"*

Summer is almost upon us. A very hot day in the house yesterday, and the inside temperature reached 84F, I think, and was still at 81F when I finally got to sleep around 4 a.m. Today, however, it's cloudy, and there was rain. Today's high will only be in the 70s.

Despite the heat, I managed my best day yet (in terms of word count) on "Galápagos." I wrote 1,289 words. I might have written more, if I'd not had to spend so much time reading and researching and answering questions about astrochemistry,spectroscopy, exogenesis, organic chemistry, and South Korean history. But, yes, heat or no, a good writing day. The story is presently 5,836 words long, and I suspect will go near 10,000 before it's done. This story is helping me to remember how to write at a more leisurely pace, and that's a good thing.


It's been more than a month now since I left Second Life (31 days as of Thursday, May 21st). I think this time it's going to stick. Not only have I gotten back an enormous portion of my life that was vanishing into that time suck, I've also been freed from the never-ending stress, drama, and idiocies that are part and parcel to trying to wring good rp from SL. Next Sunday (the 31st) would have marked my second "rez day" (two years in SL), and I am very glad to say I won't be there to celebrate. We've also managed to scale way back on the amount of time going into WoW. Suddenly, there's time for, you know, life. Oh, and I am actually very relieved to hear that there's a mandatory update coming to SL, and that my iMac's OS doesn't meet the minimum requirements. This means there's no danger of backsliding. So, screw you, SL, and screw all the whiners and asshats that have made of it such a nightmare. Now, if only I could take back all that lost time. Though, I am grateful for my memories of Dune, while it lasted. And my time in New Babbage, before the furries invaded. Nothing on earth kills the illusion of a NeoVictorian steampunk dystopia quicker than candy-colored anthropomorphic rabbits and foxes who can't be bothered to stay in character or speak anything but l33t.


Last night, we got in some WoW for the first time in days, and Shaharrazad and Suraa quested in Nagrand and both reached Level 69. Of course, this means we have only one level remaining until we reach the cap for "The Burning Crusades" (though we still have hundreds of quests left to do in that expansion), and I doubt we'll be picking up "Wrath of the Lich King" for at least a couple of months. Which means we'll be spending a while at Level 70, but that's cool. We still have to go back and garner reputation and do all the lower-level dungeons on Azeroth that Blizzard makes impossible for solo players and duos to do at the levels when it's actually appropriate to do them.


Spooky has listed new stuff, including a fine green cat, over at her Etsy shop, Dreaming Squid Dollworks. Please do have a look.

Also, if you don't yet have a copy of Alabaster, remember that the new trade-paperback edition is now available from subpress, and includes all Ted's artwork from the hardback, including the gorgeous wraparound cover.

* Translated from Baegu, "Though you are crying and crying, who else will carry you?"


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May. 23rd, 2009 08:12 pm (UTC)
It is possible to be a furry and not be an asshole, I'd like to point out. Every subculture has its full share of idiots and wankers who make everyone look crazy or stupid or otherwise moronic, it really ends up being the cross you have to bear if you aren't willing to be savagely exclusionary and hold out a standard like "You must not be more of an idiot then this to be in our group."

I wanted so badly to enjoy Second Life. I wanted to learn to build Avatars. I wanted to have an area where I could just build. I do have friends there I can't see other places, too.

The drama and idiocy is overwhelming. Hell really is other people. :p

RE RP, have you tried MUSHes? Text base only, but it might provide more of what you want if you take a hardliner stance of "Who I am does not matter and I am not interested in anyone's stuff OOC. Let's play."
May. 23rd, 2009 09:17 pm (UTC)

RE RP, have you tried MUSHes?

Sure, back in '94 and '95. Now, I absolutely need a visual interface. I could never go back to text-based rp, not after SL. Not being able to see the rp is what led to my abandoning text-based systems long ago.

It is possible to be a furry and not be an asshole, I'd like to point out.

And I will agree. I'm not judging furries for being furries (hell, I'm about as paraphilic and fetish-driven as they come), but for the unwillingness of those furries I encountered in SL to accept that some things simply do not mix, that the presence of their fursonas were often out of place, and intrusive, and that people were not wrong in saying so.

it really ends up being the cross you have to bear if you aren't willing to be savagely exclusionary and hold out a standard like "You must not be more of an idiot then this to be in our group."

Which is one reason I finally left SL for good. I am willing to be savagely exclusionary, as many saw. It's necessary, sometimes. I'm not willing to sacrifice the game or the story or a fandom just so everyone, no matter how ill-mannered or asinine or juvenile, can be included.
May. 24th, 2009 02:31 pm (UTC)
any almost birthday requests from humanity at large? I am pretty sure I almost qualify. Happy pre-emptive birhtday from Texico aka Mexas.
Jun. 2nd, 2009 02:13 pm (UTC)
I was sorry to have to leave the AI RP, since it seemed to have some promise. There were some quite good RPers in there. Unfortunately, my laptop decided that it did not like SL :P
( 4 comments — Have your say! )