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"The rivers roll down to a soundless sea..."

Almost eight hours sleep last night. Which is grand, except it permits more time for the nightmares to unfold.

I did 1,063 words on "Galápagos" yesterday, and it seems to be starting off fairly well. I'm forcing myself to write at a much slower pace than I've become accustomed to lately. In part, I have no choice (and that's a good thing), as it's offworld sf, and I'm constantly having to check this fact or that calculation. Also, I spoke with the anthology's editor yesterday, because I wanted to know how much leeway I have regarding erotic content in the story. That is, how erotic can the story be? Only a little, it turns out, which isn't so bad, as it will force me to rely on subtler, more indirect techniques to communicate a number of inherently sexual elements in "Galápagos."

The panic I wrote about a couple of days ago has backed off enough that I can work, thank fuck.

Not much else to say about yesterday. Leftover chili for dinner. We watched a few episodes from Season Five of Angel, to wind down from our three- or four-month long Buffython. We're going to begin The X-Files again next week. Later there was a little WoW. Shaharrazad and Suraa were finally able to journey to the Isle of Quel'Danas, off the northernmost shores of the Eastern Kingdoms. Of course, the Scryers and the Aldor from Shattrath are trying to take the island back from Kael'thas Sunstrider, and it's weird to see blood elves and Draenei working together (Shah and Suraa are allied with the Scryers). After WoW, I goofed about with my Facebook page, because no one else had bothered to create a "Favorite Basal Thyreophoran" list thingy or upload the requisite images. Got to bed sometime after two a.m.
Tags: "galápagos", dinosaurs, erotica, gaming, insomnia, nightmares, sf, writing

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