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Happy Birthday, Byron!

Today, Byron (one of our Atlanta friends) turns -0. May he have a day filled with good food, strippers, and minimum frustration.

Yesterday, I finally got past whatever's been in my way, and wrote 1,058 words on a new vignette, which will appear alongside "At the Gate of Deeper Slumber" in Sirenia Digest #41. At the moment, it's called "Untitled 34," but I don't know if it will stay that way.

After the writing yesterday, I washed my hair, and we got to work on the page proofs for The Red Tree. I'm finding a few annoying errors, the most annoying of which seem to have been introduced by whoever did the typesetting. The worst was the discovery, in the "Editor's Introduction," that footnote 1 has been made identical to footnote 2. That is, the text for the first footnote was deleted, and the text for the second put in its place (which means we get #2 twice). I checked the .rtf I sent to Penguin, and the mistake wasn't mine. I have to write the production manager about that as soon as I finish this entry. After dinner (Spooky made chili), we got back to work on the page proofs and made it as far as the end of Chapter One (pg. 58). And, afterwards, we watched the season finale of Heroes.

And that was yesterday. It was a hot day, and as glad as I am to see winter gone, I was not happy to see the house heat up again. The high yesterday in Providence was 88F, and the temp inside stayed in the 80s long after the sun went down and the temperature Outside had cooled off. Much cooler today, with a forecast high of only 60, 28 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Must go. The platypus calls....
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