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"A forest's son, a river's daughter..."

As my vacations go, I suppose it was a decent enough ten days. Better than usual, though I've taken so few "vacations" over the last decade that I'm not sure there's enough data available for statistically significant comparisons. Mostly, I stayed in the house and read. Which isn't bad, even if it probably would have been better for me to get out more than I did. I have so little interest in socializing these days, less than ever. It requires so much effort to motivate myself towards that end.

So, yeah...lots of reading. There were a few short stories worthy of mention. David Morrel's "They" was especially nice. Also, Gahan Wilson's "The Outermost Borough" and and Tim Pratt's "Gulls." And I read a good deal of the latest issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, including "Redescription and Phylogenetic Relationships of Doswellia kaltenbachi (Diapsida: Archosauriformes) from the Upper Triassic of Virginia," "Utility and Validity of Middle and Late Triassic 'Land Vertebrate Faunachrons,'" and "The Skull of Teleosaurus cadomensis (Crocodylomorpha; Thalattosuchia), and Phylogenetic Analysis of Thalattosuchia."

I probably would have left the house more than I did over those ten days, had the weather been more amenable. So much rain. And the temperatures are still pretty wintry, despite what the calendar says. Right now, it's 41F here in Providence, but feels like 32F, when you factor in the 18 mph wind blowing from the NNW. The forecast low for tonight is 29F. There are signs of spring when you head out of the city. Budding trees, a few flowers. The grass is green again. But spring still seems a long way off.

Yesterday, I attended to a lot of email that had accumulated during my time off. I also make a couple of minor edits to "As Red as Red," at the editor's request. We read through the story again, and I can't believe I was able to do that in the utter stupor of exhaustion that I was in for most of March. Oh, and there was a minor seizure yesterday. Today, I'm going to be working on the "secret project" I last mentioned back on February 20th. Tomorrow, I'll get started on a new story for Sirenia Digest #41.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions, if you're so disposed. Emma, the Beltane Bunneh is still looking for a good home, and Spooky has added a nifty pendant she made yesterday with sea glass we've collected.

And now it's time to dust off the dodo and the platypus, rouse them from their slumber. Oh...never mind. They're waiting on me.
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