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So...I'm being naughty, which I rarely ever am. At least not when it comes to work. Taking a couple of extra days on this vacation. It's been so long since I've had an extended series of days off that didn't suck (or blow, or both), I'm sort of afraid to stop. Which is to say, mostly, this has been a nice little vacation.

Not much else to write about. Well, except a new round of eBay auctions has begun.

Suddenly, I'm wondering if it would be fun to make a direct-to-YouTube porno film. Lots of blood. Lots of tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles. Some NASA stock footage. Yeah, sounds like fun to me...


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Apr. 8th, 2009 03:42 pm (UTC)
I've had an extended series of days off that didn't suck (or blow, or both)

I'm glad to hear it!
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 8th, 2009 03:54 pm (UTC)

Oh, and! Rob Lowe.

Now, now. What sort of degenerate do you think I am?
Apr. 8th, 2009 04:52 pm (UTC)
Turgid Tentacles!!
Apr. 9th, 2009 05:53 am (UTC)
Hurrah for Visual-Hentai and the Most Awesome Kiss in Watchmen
Yay! Tentacles, blood, and nudity! What more can ye want? Speaking of which, there's this brilliant comic book series Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse by Ben Templesmith. Includes lots of blood. And tentacles. And partial nudity involving near-sentient tattoos.
Love the piccy, by the way.
Apr. 10th, 2009 06:33 pm (UTC)
Another 'yes' vote for tentacles from over here.
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