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"Charlotte I buried after feeding her foxglove."

A very good writing day yesterday. I did 1,514 words, and found THE END of "As Red as Red." Thank fuck. This story has surely had it's way with me, and I can only hope that it's been worth the effort. It weighs in at a total word count of 7,014 words. Spooky likes it. Sonya (sovay) likes it. No one else has read it yet, but I tend to trust their opinions. Today, we have to read over the whole story, and then I'll do a small bit of tweaking and polishing, make sure there are no continuity errors or typos, then send it away to the anthology's editor.

As predicted, the CEM (copy-edited manuscript) of The Red Tree arrived yesterday. I've not yet opened the envelope, but Anne (my editor at Penguin) says the copyeditor's marks are light, mostly pertaining to layout and typeface (the book's text uses two or three different fonts).

Today, I also need to read through two or three stories from Sirenia Digest, to pick a couple to send to another editor. And tomorrow, I'll begin work on #40, which will include new fiction by me and Sonya Taaffe.

The long-lost Monster Doodle sculpture is now up at eBay, and you may have a look. Near as I can recall, I sculpted this one back in the spring of 2006, right before I stopped doing these little guys. Then it was misplaced, and Spooky found it a couple of weeks back. She painted it this week. I've signed and dated the critter. Now you can bid, and give the bug-eyed, slimy bugger a good home.


After all the writing yesterday, Spooky got dinner from an Italian place on Atwells Avenue. Of course, there are probably fifty Italian places on Atwells, but this one's called Sicilia's. And I can now say that they make the best meatball sub (with sausage and mozzarella) I have ever wrapped my lips around. After dinner, there was more WoW. Shaharrazad helped Suraa with a quest down on the Shimmering Flats, south of Thousand Needles, and then we had to make a foray into Tanaris and (ugh) Un'Goro. But after that, I soloed for Ogrimmar and Darkspear rep, up in Ashenvale, mostly in the Blackfathom Deeps. Oh, and I now have a new Shah icon, and there's another screencap behind the cut ('cause, I figure if I'm gonna geek out at you about my WoW alter-ego, I can at least include elf-pr0n eye candy):

Shah, as night comes to the great playa of the Shimmering Flats.

After WoW, we watched the first three episodes of Season Four of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. I think I got to sleep about three ayem. Anyway, no WoW tonight, as it's time to get back to the Alpha Institute in Nor. Tonight, Nareth has to undergo a special procedure of a delicate and private nature. I believe a speculum will be involved.


Turns out (and thanks to ruby_star for bringing this to my attention), the DVD release of Let the Right One In has a different and inferior set of English subtitles than appeared in the theatrical release. The whole situation, discussed over at i09, has me angry and baffled. It's not like I can take the DVD back. It's not the fault of the store that sold it to me. I doubt they're even aware the subtitling is different. But I will be writing a nasty letter to the company that released the DVD. Having read the novel and seen the movie in the theatre, the DVD subtitles seem, from the i09 article, to be, well, "dumbed down." And, as for the dubbing, I've heard the voice acting is horrid. Ah, well. At least I have the pretty pictures. But I thought people who've not bought the DVD should know.

And now, it's time to make the doughnuts.
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