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Howard Hughes Battles the Pink Robots (Pt. 7)

We're heading back to Newport again today, more research for "As Red as Red." Unfortunately, the cold temps have returned today, after a warmish weekend. Anyway, I just wanted to get something down here before we head for Aquidneck Island.

Saturday was spent trying to find the story that goes with the title "As Red as Red." I wrote maybe 500 words over maybe four hours. This is the epitome of a lousy writing day. Hopefully, the trip today will help achieve liftoff for this vampire story that's really a werewolf story.

Yesterday, we had to go down to Saurnderstown. Spooky's parents are in New Mexico, at an anthropology conference, so we're looking after the farm while they're gone. The high was near 60F yesterday, and it was wonderful being away from the city. The late winter is so much less vile out in the Rhode Island countryside. Everywhere there's a pond or stream, there are verdant fringes, mostly moss. And the green briers are already waking up. We looked in on the chickens, fed the koi, walked the perimeter of the deer fence to make sure there were no breaks in it anywhere (it keeps the deer out of the garden, where the spinach is just starting to sprout). We also unloaded the "steamsquid" discovered at Moonstone Beach back in February, as we'd decided it was best off down at the farm. The trees were full of singing birds, which was heartening, as we're not hearing a lot of songbirds here in Providence. We turned over a couple of rotten logs, hoping to spot salamanders, but found none. There are buds on the apple trees and blueberry bushes. We hung out with Spider Cat, who has really gained far, far too much weight. He's over 18 pounds now, but has been placed on a diet. I wanted to spend the night on the farm, but we had to head back to the city.

Oh, on the way down we stopped at Newbury Comics in Warwick and got a copy of Låt den rätte komma in on DVD. By the way, I am not generally opposed American remakes of foreign films, not on principle, but I am cringing at the thought of an American remake of Låt den rätte komma in. It's already been done with near perfection, and I fear a US remake will inevitably veer the story away from the subtle atmospherics of Tomas Alfredson's adaptation. Sure, I could be wrong. But it just seems so utterly unnecessary, this remake.

Here are three photos from yesterday's trip down to Saunderstown (behind the cut):

This is my impersonation of someone lifting an 18+-pound tabby.

The relocated Moonstone steamsquid!

More Spider Cat!

And, before I wrap this up, THE COOLEST VIDEO EVER— "I Am Murloc":

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