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"I'll fight to the last breath, if they dare touch a hair on your head."

This day has, sadly, sort of slipped away from me, and yesterday is a blur of work. Bright and sunny here in Providence, not quite as cold, still lots of snow.

There was an invitation yesterday, to have a story from A is for Alien adapted for a podcast, and I'll be looking into that. And there were a couple of inquiries about reprints. And..well...just a lot of work. When it was over, I decided, deadlines or no, I have to have some time. So, I'm taking one week, beginning today. Next Thursday, I'll go back to writing, which should still give me plenty of times to meet my deadlines.

Last night, we finished reading John Ajvide Lindqvist's Let the Right One In (2004; originally Låt den rätte komma in). I'm not going to attempt a full-fledged review, because I'm not very good at that sort of thing. I will put a few of my thoughts behind a cut though, spoilers and all that:

I did like the book a lot, though not nearly as much as the film. I think, in the end, the novel works more as a traditional "horror" story, while the film was more in the weird-tale tradition, which is usually my personal preference. There was far too much with Eli's keeper, Håken; the film dealt with him far more skillfully. It's very rare for me to prefer a film adaptation over the source material, but there you go. I think the book fills in too much of the mystery, a lot of stuff the film, for whatever reason, left vague. For example, the Tommy character, and all his backstory, his parents, etc., seemed like little more than filler. Mostly, I thought Håken's escape and subsequent rampage almost derailed the story, and I think I would have thought that, even if I'd not seen the film first. The scene in Tommy's basement, when Håken attempts to rape Eli, quickly goes from being horrifying to unintentional comedy. It's always a fine line, horror and comedy, and when it's crossed intentionally, that's one thing. When it's crossed unintentionally, it's just a mess. But, all in all, yes, quite a good novel, one of the few truly good vampire novels in the last two decades or so, and I highly recommend it. Just not as much as I recommend the very skillful distillation of it that is Tomas Alfredson and Lindqvist's film of the novel. The film never misses a beat, and keeps the focus tight. The book misses quite a few beats, and allows the focus to wander. Anyway, I do adore Eli, is all herhisits predatory glory, and there was not a sparkle anywhere, which is a very good thing.

See? I suck at book reviews.

Okay. I'm going to put the platypus and the dodo in a desk drawer for the next week....
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