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"And she pricks you, and she sticks you..."

A rather remarkable 1,885 words yesterday on "The Bone's Prayer," for Sirenia Digest #39. Though, I will admit, a bit of that was me discovering that the "sea's daughter" fragment I posted here a couple of days back fit into a dream sequence. I'll finish the story today. Also, I have to reformat The Red Tree ms.——something about the copyeditor——and send the newly formatted ms. to my editor tomorrow.

We have snow again here in Providence.

I am letting it be known that I'm taking most of March off. I'm overworked, and I've hardly slept the last two or three weeks. There were two severe seizures in February, one on the third and another on the eighteenth, and I know that, in part, this is due to my work habits. I've not taken a day off in the last eight, and won't be able to stop until the digest goes out. In March, I'll attend to Sirenia Digest and whatever I can't avoid regarding The Red Tree. But that's all. I have to try to rest, get better, clear my head, and spend as much time Outside as possible, and see people. Real, actual people, not the virtual sort. I have to try to reassemble myself. If I could afford more than one month, I'd be taking it, but that's all the breathing room I have, and I don't really have that. I'm just taking it. If I reach a point where the exhaustion makes work impossible, I've defeated the purpose of working. So, I might be scarce in March. Or, I might make lots of posts with photos of interesting places. We'll see.

Some decent Hulu last night (I can't really say "television"). First, the new episode (new for me, anyway) of Battlestar Galactica. "Deadlock" wasn't nearly as good as "No Exit," but still, not bad. The new episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was actually quiet good. One of the best. Smarter than the show is usually willing to allow itself to be, in terms of narrative structure. We didn't suffer another episode of Dollhouse, though. It's just too disheartening. If, at some future date, someone can show me that the series somehow overcame the dullness that marks the first two episodes, I'll give it another try. Knowing that Joss Whedon is capable of storytelling on the order of Firefly, I cannot bear to watch the dull morass of Dollhouse.

Time to make the doughnuts.
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