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"And woebetide anyone so woebegone."

A hard rain last night, which got rid of a little bit of the snow, and made an utter glacier of our driveway. And the temperature won't rise above freezing today.

Yesterday, I did a very satisfactory 1,732 words, and so finished my second piece for Sirenia Digest #38, "The Belated Burial." Vince is working on the illustration for "The Thousand-and-Third Tale of Scheherazade," and thinks it will be done tomorrow, so, with luck, #38 will go out to subscribers tomorrow evening. As for me, I just wrote two short stories in a week, and now I'm going to take a couple of days off, a very short and well-deserved micro-vacation, before I have to go back to The Red Tree and get those revisions/corrections finished.

Also yesterday, I send an .rtf of "The Wolf Who Cried Girl" to Sean Wallace, as the story is to be reprinted in a forthcoming Horror: The Best of the Year (the volume covering 2007, I think).

It has been suggested to me that a good way to promote Sirenia Digest, and possibly draw a few more subscribers, would be to offer podcasts of some of the stories via iTunes. I'm considering this. I might run a poll here to try and gauge interest. This whole podcast thing is new to me.

If you've not yet ordered A is for Alien, well, this is me reminding you once again. And to those who have, I thank you, and I hope these repeated entreaties for others to do the same are not too annoying. The truth is, most authors must either promote themselves or go without promotion. And going without promotion means...well, it's pretty straightforward.

I think we're going to have a house guest Sunday and Monday, so, part of the micro-vacation will be spent helping Spooky clean this cluttered house. But not today. Today, I rest.
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