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Deceit, Blood, and Opera

I did 1,139 words on "The Thousand-and-Third Tale of Scheherazade" yesterday, which makes it a pretty decent writing day. I expect to finish the story this afternoon, or tomorrow at the very latest, at which time I will send it to Vince to be illustrated, for Sirenia Digest #38.

I got about eight hours of sleep last night, and feel a little better than I did this time yesterday. I tried to do it without the Ambien, and I got to sleep just fine, but awoke around 5:30 ayem to the sensation that my skin and muscles had been somehow wound too tightly about me, so I took the damn Ambien. Tonight, I'll try taking only a half dose.

Does anyone know the name of the island on the Hudson River where Aleister Crowley sequestered himself in 1918? I see the name given as Aesopus Island, but, so far, I've been unable to find that name on a map, and I'm beginning to suspect it's a name he created.

Last night, we saw Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich's Repo! The Genetic Opera. Wow. Spooky and I were both extremely pleased, and we'll be picking up a copy of the DVD and soundtrack as soon as we are able. Rock opera meets Grand Guignol, with no punches pulled. It was the sort of film that made me smile right at the start, and by the end my face ached from smiling. Some wickedly sexy eye candy, this movie, and the music manages just the right balance of jaunty comic irreverence, melodrama, and tragedy. Many of the vocal performances are mediocre, but this actually seems to serve the characterization rather well. The best voices in Repo! belong to Anthony Stewart Head and Sarah Brightman, and this, of course, comes as no surprise. Vocally, they more than manage to carry the film all on their own. Anyway, yes, I absolutely love this film. It's the sort of dark gem that I am always amazed managed to find its way to the screen. Even Paris Hilton isn't very annoying, in part because she's playing the perfect grotesque caricature of herself. Terrance Zdunich (screenwrirer) is superb as Graverobber. You even get a dash of Joan Jett, and Spooky and I were very pleased to see Melora Creager listed among the musicians.

Spooky has lowered the prices of Orville and Jasper, on her Etsy page. You might want to have a look.

If you've not yet ordered A is for Alien, I urge you to please do so today. Thanks.
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