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"It's the wrong time. She's pulling me through."

So, 1,057 words yesterday on "The Thousand-and-Third Tale of Scheherazade." It's coming along well.

My blasted insomnia is back, and lately, I'm lucky to get 5 hours a night. I'm going to cut out the Ambien, I think (doctor's suggestion), because my body appears to have built up a tolerance again.

This is going to be short. I've been up almost three hours, and I've nothing to show for it.

My comments on the weird present-to-past tense shift phenomenon I've seen so much of in Second Life rp elicited quite a few interesting comments yesterday. Several people seemed convinced it happens by accident, but I would stress that it is far too consistent a tick in those who do it to possibly be accidental. And then, this morning, I got this email (I'm leaving off the sender's name, as I'm not sure he wants to be identified). It casts the phenomenon in a rather different light, and demonstrates it's not confined to Second Life rp:

I just read your posting about people shifting tenses from present to past in SL. I teach composition here in S. CA, and this is one of the hardest things to get people to learn. Part of it stems from the fact that most people here can't name a single book they've read by choice.

And, yeah, that makes sense. A lot of the rp text I see strikes me as having been written by people who do not actually read. And people who are only marginally literate. People who read tend, usually, to grasp the fundamental structure of narrative, even if they're not great with grammar and spelling, and even if they possess no writing talent of their own. Now, as to the whole not-reading will always baffle me. I literally taught myself to read before I began primary school. I was four years old. How do people get out of first grade, much less high school, without knowing how to read, in at least one language?

Anyway...last night, on a whim, we watched Jon Turteltaub's National Treasure: Book of Secrets, mostly just to see Nicolas Cage and Helen Mirren. It's a stupendously dumb movie, to be sure, but I did find it a bit more entertaining than its predecessor.

Okay. The platypus is telling me to giddy up, so I'd best giddy.
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