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Because I may not feel like typing tomorrow...

Just a short entry.

We've spent most of the evening watching South Korean horror films, via Asian Horror The first, Hansel and Gretal (2007), was really quite wonderful, in a subtle and thoroughly creepy sort of way. Though, in all honesty, it owes as much to Jerome Bixby's "It's a Good Life" (1953) as it does to the Hansel and Gretal story. However, the second film was an awful mess of a thing, The Dollmaster (2004), which started from an interesting premise, but amounted to no more than a confused, dull slasher film with annoying Asian actors, instead of annoying American actors. But I do recommend Hansel and Gretal.

More than a bit stoned on pain meds right now. And wondering why I'm bothering to make an entry at all. Obsessive communication?

Rain much of the day. Slush and unmelted snow.

And I should repost the link to the auctions. Otherwise, I think I'll "see" you on the other side of the dentist's office.
Tags: movies, sick, winter

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