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The place fairy tales come from.

Booya! I just heard that the goddamned Xmas trees have vanished from Undercity and Silvermoon, so Shaharrazad's exile to the wilderness can at last be ended. I think I would have been less annoyed if Blizzard had admitted this was catering to Xmas, instead of trying to pass it off as something called "Winter's Veil."

Yesterday, I wrote 1,087 words on "Murder Ballad No. 5," but didn't find THE END. I came near, but began to feel that I would have to push to find it, and, in pushing, would run the risk of ruining the whole thing. So, I'll finish it today. This is one of those stories that I realize I'm writing in response to the "good fairies/healing energy" idiots. I don't start out to write a response. I try not to even think of those people. But then it happens anyway. Ever since I heard about people at Faerieworld complaining because the organizers had chosen Rasputina to play, and the claims that Rasputina were spoiling the affair by releasing "dark" or "negative energy," and never mind all the fluffy-bunny fairy crap you have to see in so many witchcraft shops. Anyway, I'll finish it today, and we'll put Sirenia Digest #37 together tomorrow and send it out to subscribers tomorrow night.

The sun's shining, and the temperature is finally supposed to climb above freezing today. Maybe the snow will start to melt, though we do have snow showers forcast for today. Too bright Outside for my eyes, the sun off all that snow.

Last night, I helped Spooky fix our traditional New Year's Day dinner of black-eyed peas, collards, and macaroni and cheese. We both ate far too much. And there was WoW. And when I finally went to bed at three, there was insomnia. I got up and puttered about the house, then came online and posted my list of favourite films of 2008. I got back to bed about five, and managed to sleep almost seven hours, which is better than I've been doing.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. We've added some of the new mass-market paperback editions of the novels. Also, you can see Spooky's latest work on Etsy. Thanks.

Time to write.
Tags: fairie, gaming, insomnia, new year's day, sirenia

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