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"The face of Eve turning. What sky did she see?"

A much better writing day yesterday. I did 1,705 words on the piece for Sirenia Digest #37. Right now I'm calling it "Untitled 34," though I think another title will soon present itself. This is one of the oddly personal ones, this vignette. I should finish it today. I still have some hope of getting the new digest out to subscribers on the 31st, or the 1st, or the 2nd at the very latest.

I'm still enjoying The Historian. We're about halfway through the book, I think. I'm going to hold my thoughts until we've completed it.

Oddly warm here in Providence today. A high of 64F is predicted, with a wind advisory. I haven't opened the blinds in my office in days, because I haven't wanted to see the scabby whitish patches of snow that have yet to melt. Spooky drove down to Saunderstown to see her parents yesterday, and she says the snow that the plows spat off to the sides of the roads is still black and nasty.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thanks.

There isn't really much for an entry today, other than the progress report on the new vignette. Days when all I do is write, nights when I stay at the computer and distract myself with WoW, they don't make for interesting journalising. And I do have further thoughts on WoW, and a couple of screencaps, but I'm placing them behind a cut, because I know a lot of you could not care less (and rightly so, I suspect):

Last night, Shaharrazad and Suraa left the Hinterlands, at least for now, and traveled to Kalimdor, all the way south to Tanaris. Shaharrazad loathes the place, though her typist is kind of taken with it. A bit of Arrakis, a bit of Tattooine, a bit of post-apocalyptic Australia sensu the Mad Max films, all seen through the cartoonish filter of WoW. It's really one of the best rendered and fully realized environments that I've encountered in WoW. Shah and Suraa rubbed shoulders with Alliance scum in Gadgetzan (even though Shah has a hatred for goblins that borders on fanatical), and crossed the Abyssal Sands to explore as far south as the Thistleshrub Valley, as far west as the fantastically bizarre Noxious Lair. Ogres were slain at the Dunemaul Compound, and the tribes of human wastewanderers were laid waste, from the Noonshade Ruins all the way to Broken Pillar. You know how it goes. Humans are such easy prey. It all climaxed with an extremely satisfying attack on the pirates at Lost Rigger Cove. All in all, one of the most pleasurable evenings of WoW we've had, and we have both reached Level 48. We added a dash of rp between ourselves. We wouldn't find it otherwise. Coming to Tanaris was Suraa's idea. Shaharrazad just wants to go back to Silvermoon City and study dark magic among the splendid towers and ensalved gnomes. She has, though, begun to realize that there's no going home, that she is no longer a pretty, pretty princess. She had some sort of epiphany in the Hinterlands, after slaying High Elves at Quel'Danil, and then looking too deeply into the eyes of a female Draenei death knight. Suraa, on the other hand, was born to venture out across Azeroth, and is loving every minute of it. I think Spooky described her, last night, as "wide eyed."

I have come to hate the term "instance." It's another thing about WoW that denies even the possibility of the suspension of disbelief, or the illusion of living another life in another world. "Instance" is there to render it all perfectly mundane. For example, at Blackfathom Deeps in Ashenvale, you will not experience a trek through a dangerous subterranean world populated by fantastic creatures, an event that changes the lives of the characters, but merely another "instance." You are not an explorer or an adventurer or someone questing after lost knowledge, but simply an "instance runner."

I've had to turn off guild chat, and, for that matter, all chat channels, to try to preserve anything like simulation. And my sanity. The lolspeak was driving me to say not-nice things. One gets the impression from WoW chat (whether accurate or not) that most players are 13-year-old boys with less than average intelligence at their disposal.

Anyway, yes, two screencaps from last night. The first, I think, shows Shah and Suraa (Shah in the foreground) riding across the playa of the Shimmering Flats before entering Tanaris. In the second, they're looking out across the alien landscape of the Noxious Lair (and Shaharrazad's succubus, Drusneth, can be seen at the left).

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