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proof I was at Dragon*Con

Addendum: Because a lady writer should always try to keep her word, eventually, here are four shots from Dragon*Con '04. I think they were all taken at the Gothic Journeys' "Goth: 1980-2004" panel on Saturday, and the one in the hallway right after.

(Left to right: Storm Constantine, Rogue, me drinking water)

(Left to right: Rogue again, me again, and Anne Sudworth)

(Left to right: Kat, Sissy, Nar'eth, and Jean-Paul)

(It's only appropriate that this photo is out of focus.)

Actually, the third photo was taken on Sunday. Nar'eth hadn't even made Earth orbit on Saturday.

I'm going to try to get some Nar'eth photos up on the costuming page in the next hour or so. They'll be down at the bottom of the page. None of them came out good this year. Problems with lighting and me being too tired to pose.

Finally, the ninth chapter of Leh'agvoi's Nar'eth manga is finally online! I move at the speed of shifting continental plates, but by the gods, I move!
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