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The days grow larger, and the year keeps shrinking.

This morning, Elizabeth Bear (matociquala) said some good stuff about writing, and if you're interested in that sort of thing, you should have a look. Though I gather she and I have very different systems for getting it done, I think she's mostly bang on. My only quibble was with this line, in her summation, "You must revise what you write." And I say that because, generally, I don't revise what I write. Oh, I might come back fifteen years later and do some damn fool rewording, but, usually, what comes out as my "first draft" is what sees print (at least the first time it sees print), be it vignette, short story, novella, or novel. And since I'm a moderately successful published author, it is obviously not true that revision is a "must." In the end, this all comes back to what I've said again and again and again. There is no set of rules. There are people who will tell you there is, and there are people who make a living doing just that. But it's a lie. The only set of musts is what works for you. Unless, of course, what works for you isn't working, in which case, it might be that you simply weren't meant to be a writer, and all the formulae under the sun won't change that. Anyway...yes, a good post.

Because I made a somewhat idiotic miscalculation as to when I would be receiving my next check from Penguin, we're starting a new round of eBay auctions. Please, if you can, bid. I'm even going to do something I've not done since 2005 or so. Every winning bidder will receive one of my patented Monster Doodles. Okay, so they're not patented, but people seem to like them. Right now, we have copies of the "Mercury" chapbook, the trade edition of Frog Toes and Tentacles, and the Little Damned Book of Days chapbook up. But more is coming. Spooky's even going to be doing a couple of the black velvet/red silk "cozies" to accompany lettered editions of Frog Toes and Tentacles. These were, as they say, all the rage back in 2006. But she only made a handful, and they all sold. So, yes, please have a look at the current auctions. Because I'm lousy at finances. Thanks.

As for yesterday, it was all I could do not to head for the Cape (Cod), once I learned the extraction had been postponed pending the cessation of this damned cough. The weather was so warm (low sixties), and the sea was calling. Instead, I was good, and I sat here in my chair and worked. I did the line edits on "The Colliers' Venus (1893)." I spoke with my agent in NYC. I finally almost caught up on my email. I spoke with the artist who will be spotlighted in Sirenia Digest #37. I was productive, which just seems stupid, all things considered.

Today, we have winter-weather warnings, and will be seeing a mix of snow and rain tonight.

Last night, after Chinese leftovers (pork moo shu and beef fried rice), we played WoW, and played, and played...and played. And yet we managed, somehow, not to reach Lvl 42. We wound up out in Desolace, trying to help orcs start some sort of centaur civil war. Yes, we went all the way to Desolace, the wastelands on the western edge of Kalimdor, just to escape the Xmas idiocy that has infested WoW. In Silvermoon City, there are Xmas trees and blood elves in Santa suits. I shit you not. Undercity looks like the Xmas decorations section at Hot Topic threw up all over everything. So...I'll either be sticking to the wilderness until this insanity passes, or I'll lay off WoW until the new year. Sticking to the wilderness is no guarantee of safety, as I hear "grinches" are now roaming the Alterac Mountains. I will not do even a single of those stupid Xmas quests or accomplishments. I don't care if they would instantly catapult me to Lvl 80. And what amazes me, players love this silly shit. Go figure. Anyway, yeah...we finished up at the Dustwallow Marshes and traveled, on horseback, east across the Barrens and the Stonetalon Mountains to Desolace. Aptly named Desolace. I'm not exactly sure what the orcs want with the place, truth be told. Somehow, we were up until after four ayem (!!!!) trying to reach Lvl 42. Mostly, I think the pain in my mouth was keeping me awake, and playing WoW in pain was better than trying to sleep in pain. There are a couple of screencaps behind the cut., here's another day. Well, the few hours remaining until sunset. Let's see what's next:

Suraa (foreground) and Shaharrazad (background), learning too late there are no 7-11s in Desolace.

Shah on her felsteed, watching the sun rise over the badlands and wishing she were back in a Santa-free Silvermoon City. She hates Xmas at least a thousand times more than me, and she doesn't even know what it is.

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