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Relics from the Dark Times (3)

Back to winter today. A good twenty degrees cooler right now than it was this time yesterday. 38F, to be precise, with a wind chill of 31F. At least there's cloud cover. While the weather is always relevant, it is especially relevant as regards yesterday. I could not consider that unexpectedly warm day, and then stay indoors. It's too unlikely that we'll have another 60+F day anytime soon. And, with so much warmth out there, I just could not bring myself to face "Emptiness Spoke Eloquent" for a second consecutive day. Okay, I could have brought myself to do it. But, I didn't.

Unfortunately, it was also raining, and raining rather hard, and so instead of going to Beavertail or Newport or Harbor of Refuge, we went to the movies (which, I suppose, sort of defeated the purpose of getting out). There was some brief talk of going all the way to Mystic, to the aquarium there, but I don't think either one of us was up to the drive. So, we saw Marc Forster's Quantum of Solace. I liked it quite a lot. Maybe not as much as Martin Campbell's Casino Royale (2006), but still quite a lot. Daniel Craig may be, in my opinion, the best Bond ever. Before the movie, we just sort of bummed around Newbury Comics in Warwick, listening to the new Coldplay CD (didn't they used to be a somewhat better band, less like a dumbed-down Radiohead?). And I was weak, and in my weakness, I got the new Draenei WoW action figure, based on the NPC Tamuura. Yeah, I know. Consign me to the dorkest corner of Purgatory.

So, today it's back to work.

Yesterday, David Kirkpatrick (corucia) noted that while I've been heavily pimping A is for Alien, I've not said much at all about the forthcoming trade paperback edition of Alabaster. The oversight hasn't been intentional. I think I have too many books to keep up with these days. Anyway, yes, there will be a trade paperback edition of Alabaster released in April 2009, which includes all the original Ted Naifeh illustrations. This will be my first tpb with subpress, so I am hoping that it does well for them. You may now pre-order.

Last night, Spooky made something with lots of guacamole and habanero and mushrooms and red peppers for dinner, and after that, we watched two more episodes of Series Four of Doctor Who. I thought "The Doctor's Daughter" could have been a lot better. But "The Unicorn and the Wasp" was goofy fun. I'm seven episodes into the series, and Donna Noble still isn't growing on me. Oh, and her appearances before Series Four, I have to count those, as well. Anyway, later still, it was pretty much all World of Warcrack. The game seems to have become unexpectedly more interesting again. It may be the higher levels, or it may be concentrating on only two of my characters, instead of trying to concentrate on five. It may be playing only Horde. Or it may only be resignation. Last night, Shaharrazad and Surraa had an assassination gig in the Alterac Mountains, then finally said goodbye to Tarren Mills and the Arathi Highlands, and headed back to Undercity. They took a zeppelin to Orgrimmar, then rode south to the Dustwallow Marshes, where I think they'll be for a bit. The spiders are tastier there. Oh, and I fear that Shaharrazad —— my warlock, whom you may recall is a necrophile —— has developed a monstrous crush on the Banshee Queen, the Dark Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Queen of the Forsaken. It's good to have motivation. Shah now has someone to kill for. And, yeah, it's probably healthier to lust after a corpse that is not one's own. And the Banshee Queen is Dead and hot. Okay, well, dead and probably a little clammy, but..still. There is a screencap behind the cut, Shaharrazad on her knees before her Dark Lady (a position she does not assume lightly). Um...we also made Level 39. And Suraa spat over the side of the zepplin as we were docking on Orgrimmar. She's like that.

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