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Semi-Vacation Day #1

Wow. Somehow, I managed to sleep 8.5 hours last night and this ayem. At a stretch. Without waking up even once. I didn't open my eyes until after noon. Amazing. Now, if I can only manage that about 13 more times....

I awoke to discover a smattering of wintry precipitation, the first I've seen in New England. A tiny bit of melting snow, some ice. The fireplace is reassuring.

Sirenia Digest #36 went out late, late last night, or, rather, early, early this ayem. Gordon Duke (thingunderthest) and I were still working on it (thanks to the wonder of gmail chat) after midnight. I think it's an especially good issue, if I do say so myself (and I just did), so I hope other people enjoy. I was really pleased to get John Santerineross. His work is simply brilliant. I wish he'd do a tarot deck. Anyway, please do post your comments and thoughts on the issue. I'm especially curious how readers will react to "Dancing With the Eight of Swords."

I have the issue of Locus with my interview (December 2008, Issue #575, Vol. 61, No. 6, pp. 84-86). Not sure when the street date is. The article's called "Transmutations," which pleases me. You can see the cover image here. My thanks to Liza Trombi (Executive Editor), who conducted the actual interview during ReaderCon 19, back in July, and to the girl who took the photos (I think her name was Amanda, though, strangely, she's not credited in the magazine), because I've looked far worse in published photos. Also, my thanks to Tim Pratt (a senior editor), who edited the rambling conversation into something coherent. I was both sick and exhausted that day, and it amazes me I managed to make any sense at all. My copies of the magazine actually arrived day before yesterday, but I was angry about the Avon delaying the opening of Låt den rätte komma in, and also trying to finish "Dancing With the Eight of Swords," so Spooky hid them from me until this morning. She is a wise woman.

I also spoke with Bill Schafer about A is for Alien yesterday, which will go to the printer soon. The end sheets and cloth binding will be black. Well, for the regular edition the endsheets will be white. The foil embossing on the cloth with be red. Oh, and Amazon has The Red Tree up for pre-order, even though it's not due out until August 4th, 2009. No, I don't actually expect anyone to pre-order the book this insanely early. I haven't even written the epilogue yet! But pre-orders on A is for Alien are immensely appreciated, especially pre-orders of the limited edition. Thanks.

Okay. I'm going to go forth and do nothing whatsoever.
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