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"...making up history as we went along."

Another rather spectacular writing day yesterday. I did 1,634 words on "Dancing With the Eight of Swords," for Sirenia Digest #36, and found THE END. So, that's 4,827 words in three days. This piece is one of those I worry about letting people read. A dark fever.

Today, I have to get #36 together, write the prolegomena, send it off the Gordon to be PDFed, etc, and get with Bill Schafer at subpress about some of the printing details regarding A is for Alien (please pre-order now; thanks). Spooky and I will have to read back over "Dancing With the Eight of Swords" again, to find any remaining not-smooth spots.

Sunny and cold here in Providence.

I was extremely annoyed to learn, yesterday, that the Avon Theatre on Thayer Street decided to delay the release of Tomas Alfredson's Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In) until next Friday. All week, the thought of seeing the film had been pulling me from one day to the next.

Anyway, so, instead, last night we watched the extended special edition of James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which, oddly, I'd not seen. 154 minutes vs. the 137 minutes of the theatrical release, which is the only cut I'd ever seen (and I'd seen it about a hundred times). Wow. What a difference the restored footage makes. A much smooth film that makes a good bit more sense. The film has aged well, which pleases me. Most of the SFX are still impressive, especially the nuclear attack on Los Angeles. And I think that the series is doing quite a good job of continuing the story (this is even more evident when one sees the extended special edition).

In the end, all you can hope for
Is the love you felt to equal the
Pain you've gone through.
—— The Editors
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