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"Don't you ever bat an eye."

Chilly out there this morning. But warm in here. Spooky has the fireplace going. The heating-pad is on beneath my aching, stupid feet. They got much better, my feet, during the move and all the exercise this summer, but then I spent September and October sitting on my ass finishing The Red Tree, and they are very bad again. Fortunately, thanks to Spooky's mom, I now have a very fine walking stick. Got me through the trip to Manhattan. But, yeah, feels like winter here in Providence. Feels like broken glass in my feet.

An excellent writing day yesterday. I did 1,524 words on a new vignette for Sirenia Digest #36, which I am calling "Dancing with the Eight of Swords." I'm going to try to finish it today. This month's digest will also include the artist's profile that got bumped from last month, and an excerpt from the presently shelved Dinosaurs of Mars novella project (all of section 1).

Vince sent me the sketch for his illustration for "Bradbury Weather," for the reprint in A is for Alien, and I think it has just the right balance of disturbing and sexy.

Last night, we watched the first three episodes of Season Two of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, thanks to Hulu. I have to admit, the first couple felt a bit off, lacking the oomph (a very technical term) of most of Season One, and I was beginning to worry. But the third episode, "Mouse Trap," was much better. I do think that the series is failing to make full use of Summer Glau, and that it needs a good fight choreographer. I can sort of sense the limitations of the visuals (and story) imposed by a smaller-than-ideal SFX/make-up budget. For example, I have a hard time believing that Cameron walked (well, limped) away from that truck-bomb thing with only severe lacerations to her flesh. I expected, based on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, that there would be nothing left but the endoskeleton, and was pleased, as that would have made a fine story development. But, despite the immolation of the truck, her clothes and hair were not even scorched. And that just screams, "Not enough money to do this right!" I am optimistic about the forthcoming fourth theatrical Terminator film, which will be set during the machine war and star Christian Bale.

Anything else about yesterday? Mumbai. Well, I'm still watching the news reports coming out of Mumbai (BBC and CNN online), and there seems little to be said. More horror. I can only be so appalled at the depredations of mankind. Then that part of me sort of begins to shut itself down. Out of self defence, I suspect.

Okay. Platypus says time's up.
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