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Addendum: Postcards from the Land of Can't Be Bothered

Sooooooo...a week or so ago, I said something about compiling a WoW-related list, something like, "101 Ways to Tell That You Simply Can't Be Bothered." To wit:

3. If you've named your rogue character "Roguepimp." And I wonder, just when did pimp cease to mean, you know, pimp?

4. You've named your human warrior "Warriorhuman."

Actually, I've been jotting down the extra-stupid names that I've come across in WoW the last week or so. Early on, someone told me that the Horde players seem to be somewhat more mature, all things considered. This surprised me, but then I created a human priest alt and started having to play out of Stormwind and Goldshire. And Jesus fuck. It's the Children's Hour over there. From pushy griefers who won't take "No, I don't want to duel" for an answer, to slutty gangsta-talking elf chicks dancing on table tops...well, I think "suspension of disbelief" isn't at the forefront of many of these peoples' minds. Meanwhile, so long as I stay in Silvermoon City and thereabouts with my blood elves, goofy names and behaviour are almost completely absent. Anyway, yeah, my list of goofy names (all collected in or near Stormwind):

Firemanjeff, Chickenboy, Bornagian, Private Badkitty, Sonoftwinky, Cookookachoo, Jazzyman, Lcpl (really, I have no idea), Redneckbrat, Bumsicle, Showboat, Watermelonia, Hoardganker, Emodead, Saycookie, Unhollyhood (I'm guessing this guy was going for "Unholyhood," but it was taken), Demonicduck, Goofus, Builttokill, Darkshotace, and, my personal favourite —— Hctibelttil, which, of course, is Littlebitch spelled backwards.

And this is on an RP server, which specifies that names should be appropriate to Azeroth. But...hey, we get free bears. Free baby bears. That do...nothing. Really, I fear my WoW days are numbered.

Postscript: And, just in case anyone has forgotten since the last time i pointed this out, "Endeavor to be inoffensive to all who might have their feelings hurt at the drop of a hat" is not in my job description. In fact, I think it says something rather to the contrary.
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