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Addendum: Unexpected Entry

Marvelous weather in Providence tonight. There's a wind, 21 mph, gusting to 41 mph (it was gusting to 50, earlier). It's howling around the eaves of the house. There's been rain, off and on, downpours so loud it's hard to be heard over the sound of the rain hitting the windows and roof. We actually have a tornado watch. It's 68F. Anyway, no, I'm not being sarcastic. I love this weather.

And I think I'm going to formulate a WoW-related list, "101 Ways to Know That Someone Just Really Can't Be Bothered."

1. If they've named their blood elf character "bloodelfph."

2. If they've named their human Death Knight character "Badknight."

I actually saw these tonight. And I just have to wonder, is this 1) a complete absence of imagination, 2) total indifference, 3) people who don't grasp the concept of proper nouns, 4) or miserably failed attempts at humor? I'm going to go 1, though, I suppose, all four might apply.

Now, I return to my storm, already in progress.
Tags: elf pr0n, gaming, weather

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