greygirlbeast (greygirlbeast) wrote,

"I don't sleep. I dream."

Bright and windy out. 42F, but the wind chill has it feeling like 35F. But it's warm inside. The leaves on the tree outside my office remain green, and they seem to glow with the sunlight passing through them. It might be the last green deciduous tree on our street. I might be wrong. Yesterday, after the writing, because I'd not left the apartment since Friday, I went downstairs and sat on the front stoop for a few minutes. It was very cold, and the sun was setting.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,187 words on "Metamorphosis C." I should have chosen something simpler, seeing as how the digest is late, and this pretty much has to get written by Sunday evening. It's going well, though, I think. So far much of the story has centered on the dissolution of individuality, the loss of what we usually regard as "self" in exchange for coconsciousness. In exchange for other things, as well. It's set during some unspecified year early in the 22nd Century (so, I'm being "optimistic"), on a starship orbiting an icy planet orbiting the giant orange star Iota Draconis (HD 137759, or Edasich).

After the writing yesterday, and after the grand safari down to the stoop, I spent maybe an hour writing another new article for Wikipedia, this one on the temnospondyl amphibian Kryostega collisoni (from the Early or Middle Triassic of the Transantarctic Mountains).

And I think that's all for now. My coffee is feeling neglected.
Tags: autumn, paleo, sf, sirenia, weather, wikipedia

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