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"The echo there, of me and you."

I much preferred yesterday's weather to today's. Blustery outside, and very cold, and the clouds keep parting to afford glimpses of the vacant, carnivorous blue sky. I wonder if I could lobby Crayola to include a new color, "Carnivorous Blue"? Anyway, I'll take the cold, blustery days when the clouds hide the sky. But at least we didn't get what upstate New York got. I am adjusting quite well to New England, but I am not yet ready for snow.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,033 words on the new piece for Sirenia Digest #35, which is presently called "Metamorphosis C," but which will likely find a different title as it unfolds. It's science fiction, which I've shied away from lately, but looking at all the "unbirthing" pr0n, something clicked (or cracked), and I figured I'd have a go at it again (sf, not, strictly speaking, "unbirthing" prOn). Just remember: characters first, story second, science third. That is, presently, my Chain of Priority when writing sf. The science should be good, as good as you can make it, good meaning sound, so long as it does not, generally, come at the expense of story or characterization. It helps that today's good science is almost always tomorrow's fallacy, to one degree or another, but too many sf writers seem unaware (or simply disinterested) in this point. Anyway, it was an odd writing day. I didn't get properly started until about 2 p.m., and then most of my time was spent fact-checking. Everything from the heliopause to the evolution of amniotic organisms to cell fission. I looked up at 5:45 and the sky had gone dark, leaving me entirely disoriented (I'm usually done writing before dark). It took me much of the evening to shake the odd feeling that I'd missed an hour, somehow.

Also, yesterday, Liza at Locus asked me to look over the photos that were taken in July for the interview, and let her know which ones I liked best. Or disliked the least. More and more, I want nothing to do with cameras. Anyway, I found three that were actually rather good, and Liza and Amanda (who actually took the photographs) have done a great job of making this whole process painless. Also, just to prove that copyediting is never truly finished, that it merely reaches a point where one has to stop because the presses must roll, I spotted a grievous typo in the author's note of B is for Beginning (the cover illustration, which Rick Kirk did for "Hoar Isis," was attributed to "Persephone"), and I emailed Bill at subpress about it. It has been corrected (thank you, Gale), and now I have one last chance to look over the chapbook before it goes to the printers.


Oh, and I did promise to pimp the Penguin books yesterday, didn't I. Okay, the list is below, with links. Please buy these books, to help insure that I'll continue writing novels (and I'm including the 3rd edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder for good measure). Thank you:

Daughter of Hounds



Low Red Moon

Murder of Angels

Tales of Pain and Wonder


Lots of WoW last night. I finally got back to Mithwen, my night-elf fighter, having successfully reached Lvl 28 with my Draenei hunter, Voimakas. Mithwen, who has been neglected the last couple of weeks, stranded in Menethil during the absurdities of the late and unlamented zombie plague, spent the evening slaying rogue iron dwarves, orcs of the Dragonmaw Clan, gnolls, and various slithery critters. She reached Lvl 29. Having squandered much of the past two months on WoW, I now feel qualified to say that it's an utter failure as a medium for rp, but, on the other hand, as a video game, it's quite a lot of fun. So, it all balances out. I do wish less of the game felt like a game. For example, why can't Mithwen use an axe in combat? She's very good with a sword and dagger, but is not even permitted to chop wood with an axe. Because, of course she hasn't learned the skill "axe." Er...yeah. Lots and lots of silly shit like that, and I know it's meant to make the game more challenging, but it just feels so pointlessly arbitrary and unrealistic. Allow a character to do what a character would be able to do. Be consistent. If I am proficient with a dagger, I do not need a special knife for skinning animals (and I say this as someone who has, in RL, skinned——and flensed——everything from deer to lions to groundhogs to an ostrich; yes, really).


Okay. Gotta make the words, and hopefully have half an hour left afterwards before sunset....
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