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Squinting in the Afterglow

First, an announcement to all Sirenia Digest subscribers. Apologies, but there's no way that #35 isn't going to be a few days late. I'm going to aim for November 3rd, which I think is doable. I have been writing non-stop, without a day off, for thirteen consecutive days, and today has to be a day off, or my head will explode, which seems rather counterproductive. So, look for the next issue just after the first of the month. It will include a new story by me, a full chapter from Joey LaFaye, and a new artist interview courtesy readingthedark. It'll be grand, just a tad late, that's all. Thank you. Spooky's going to send out a mass mailing about the delay later today, to catch the people who don't read this entry.


Yesterday, I wrote 1,301 words and finished Chapter Nine of The Red Tree. Which means that the bulk of the novel is written. I emailed my editor and my agent with the news. I think, at this point, there is general relief all round that I actually finished another novel. After the trouble with Dinosaurs of Mars and then Joey Lafaye, I'll admit that I was beginning to worry. As we read the last pages over yesterday, Spooky cried. I somehow managed not to. I think I was in shock, both because the book was done (give or take), and because I was so bloody damned tired. And my great thanks to everyone who posted words of congratulations to my last entry. They are greatly appreciated. Someone asked me when The Red Tree is supposed to be released, and I cannot for the life of me remember. I'm thinking next summer ('09), but it may be sooner. I'll check.

Someone else asked if I would be going back to Joey Lafaye after this. And the answer is no. I think, at this point, we have to consider Joey Lafaye to be shelved indefinitely. I might go back to it someday, maybe. But not now. The next novel will likely be either a sequel or "prequel" to Daughter of Hounds.

So, yes. Today is a day off. I threatened, this morning, to work, and Spooky said it wasn't going to happen, even if she had to drug me and drag me physically away from the keyboard. Only Spooky is more powerful than the lure of the platypus.

I shouldn't even be writing this.


After the writing yesterday, I went with Spooky to get our CSA produce bag from the Dexter Training Grounds. It was cold out (down into the high 20sF last night), but sunny. The trees are red and orange and brown and yellow. The farmer's market was crowded, in a nice sort of way. I picked up groundfall chestnuts and wanted to lie on the ground and smell the leaves and sleep. We got celery, carrots, garlic, apples, apple butter, kale, eggs, and green peppers this week. Kiddos in their parkas. Old women walking their dogs. The empty Armory looming over the park. Autumn, autumn, everywhere. Then we headed down to Newbury Comics in Warwick to pick up a couple of used DVDs, and Spooky got the new Legendary Pink Dots disc, Pluntonium Blonde. Then, on the way home, we found ourselves stuck in a terrible traffic snarl on I-95N, and sat...and sat...and sat. Back home, we had leftover chili and played World of Warcrack. But some goofy-ass zombie plague that Blizzard has cooked up to promote the release of Lich King is making gameplay pretty much impossible in many regions. Hopefully, that foolishness will end very soon. A bunch of Lvl 70-Lvl?? idiots seized Auberdine and swore they wouldn't leave till the new game's release date. Then a bunch of Lvl 70-Lvl ?? Alliance showed up and slaughtered them, and things got better. My Draenei hunter, Voimakas, reached Lvl 23. Tiddley pom. Spooky's Draenei, Jolokivi, can appear as a ghost wolf now, but she seems to have ghost fleas. Oh, she made Lvl 23, too. We got drunk on Bailey's and absinthe, which seems to make WoW a lot more fun. Later, I watched the Marx Bros. A Night at the Opera (1935) until I was too sleepy not to go to bed.


I am going out into the world again today. I am going Outside. Not sure where. But I'm not sitting here in the house all afternoon. Probably too cold for the beach, but there are other diversions to soothe my aching imagination.

Okay. Keep your voices down. The platypus is snoring.
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