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It seems incomprehensible that so much time has passed since September 11th, 2001. But, then again, that's what time does. It passes, carrying us along. In time, all points become distant; in infinity, all points become effectively equidistant.

I feel better this morning than I've felt since the last day of Dragon*Con. I think that I'm finally through the worst of this thing. Mostly now I just have coughing and sneezing. Spooky's still feeling pretty rough, though. But she's going to see Siouxsie tonight at the Variety Playhouse (she's had her ticket for weeks), and right now she's trying to get herself together enough for the show. I'm staying home. I'm just not much for live music these days, mostly because of crowds and cigarette smoke, both of which I try to avoid. The great thing about seeing bands at Dragon*Con is a) I'm backstage, away from the crowds, and b) there's no smoking permitted (unless you're Voltaire and have a pyrotechnics clause in your contract). Anyway, I've heard Siouxie's been great on this tour, so hopefully it'll be a good night out for Spooky, sickness or no.

I got the news yesterday that Monica Richards (of Faith and the Muse) will be doing the vocals on the song I contributed to Chris Ewen's (of Future Bible Heroes) side-project, The Hidden Variable. The song, "Twelve Nights After," is one of the old Death's Little Sister tunes I wrote back in 1996, though Chris has given it new music. I'm extremely excited about this and more than a little flattered. When I learn more about the progress of The Hidden Variable, I'll let you know.

I have to be in San Francisco in six weeks, and before then I need — nay, must — complete "Bradbury Weather" for Subterranean Magazine and get started on Daughter of Hounds. No if's, and's, or but's. No more sick days. No more anything but work. Today, I shall try to read back through "Bradbury Weather," so that tomorrow I might get back to work on it. I need to relocate all that stuff about Martian zeppelins that I was working on before the con and the crud. I'll also do my very best to get the new Nar'eth manga pages up (until then, check out the latest installment of Setsuled's The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko). And I've not forgotten my promise to post Dragon*Con photos. They'll be along soonish.

Last night, for Kid Night, Spooky and I made fish sticks and watched the two-disc special edition of The Lost Boys. I count it as one of the Six Great Vampire Films of the '80s, along with Near Dark, Fright Night, Vampire's Kiss, Vamp, and The Hunger. I'd not seen The Lost Boys in ages and was surprised at how well the film holds up after more than a decade and a half (with the exception of Corey Haim's wardrobe). There's lots of great extras in this special edition, including scads of deleted scenes, interviews, neat make-up stuff, and so forth. Definitely worth a rental. Afterwards, I played Morrowind, and Nar'eth the Dunmer fighter ascended to 15th level. Now if she could just catch up with this Rels Tenim fekkik she's been chasing these last two nights...
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