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Addendum: Two hands.

On the one hand, there's this, a short (and, to me, deeply unsettling) entry on the phenomenon of "time displacement" from Wikipedia:

Time displacement in sociology refers to the idea that new forms of activities may replace older ones. For example, Internet users may substitute time online for attention to functionally equivalent social and media activities (face to face interaction, watching television, reading printed media, etc.). Earlier, television had a similar effect, shifting people's time from listening to radio or attending movie theaters to watching television in their homes. Those technologies have shown to lead to significant declines in out-of-home socializing, in-home conversation, housework, personal care activities, and even sleep.

The wiki refers to a study —— Paul DiMaggio, Eszter Hargittai, W. Russell Neuman, and John P. Robinnson. "Social Implications of the Internet," Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 27: 307-336 (Volume publication date August 2001), (doi:10.1146/annurev.soc.27.1.307).

But. On the other hand (thank you acephalemagic), we have the promise of LOVE. Which sounds pretty much exactly like everything I've lamented Second Life's utter failure to become, and which I do fear, for if LOVE comes to fruition, it shall surely seduce me. Said seduction would only create more time displacement, and....

Less future now, please.

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