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Entry #1,909

Yesterday, I wrote 1,275 words on Chapter Seven of The Red Tree. Call that a decent enough writing day.

I have not left the house since...Monday.

Last night, I watched the webcast of the Nova episode on new high-latitude dinosaur finds along the North Slope of Alaska, and, mostly, it did a good job with the subject. But I did catch one glaring error. At some point, Leaellynasaura, a Lower Cretaceous hypsilophodontid from Victoria, Australia, was described as a carnivore when it, like all hypsilophodontids, is actually an herbivore.

Later, after dinner, we watched Tarsem Singh's The Fall (2006), which we missed in theatres and have long been waiting to see. I've always felt that Singh's The Cell (2000) was almost a very good movie, and it certainly would have been a better film without the atrocious Jennifer Lopez. At any rate, The Fall is genuinely superb, exquisite, delightful. I fear it's the sort of film that too many adults will not know how to digest, as it is —— like Pan's Labyrinth, Lady in the Water, and Tideland —— a children's tale. The world as seen by a child. It is a finely crafted, marvelously surreal fairy tale, wrapped about a starkly presented "real-life" tragedy. I cannot even begin to fathom why the film was saddled with an R rating. The cinematography and art direction are breathtaking, and Eiko Ishioka's costume design is as flawless as ever. This is a film that deserves a much, much wider audience, one I fear it will never find. It manages, simultaneously, to be too sophisticated and too innocent for most moviegoers.

A medium-sized sort of seizure last night. Anyway....

Time to make the doughnuts.

Oh, here are some images from September 30th, a few of those Spooky took of the burned out What Cheer Laundry on Cranston Avenue:

All photographs Copyright © 2008 by Kathryn A. Pollnac

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