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Addendum: "Palinology"

Soooooo...I will assume by now it's old news that the news that Sarah Palin is a young-earth creationist who believes that humans and non-avian dinosaurs coexisted only a few thousand years ago. She's even dredged up the long discredited "evidence" of the Paluxy trackways, which is about as old-fashioned American creationist as you can get. This is one that even most anti-evolutionists back away from these days, so Sarah's gettin' old school on us here. A friend of mine in Birmingham has referred to this latest dusting off of the old straw horse as "Palinology," which, I'll admit, rather amused me. Anyway, the whole silly affair is rather nicely summed up in another painting by Zina Saunders:

Tags: creationism, dinosaurs, evolution, politics
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