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Halloween the Fourth

I see McCain has surrendered Michigan, and President Asshole got his "bailout." Such are the wages of News Pollution (the news you can't avoid).

Mostly awake. Almost. Spooky and I are trying the shift our sleep schedule so that we're up a bit earlier, and can actually have some morning, now that the days are growing so short. Nine ayem is ideal. I was up at nine thirty this ayem. Of course, come time to "fall back," we'll stay on Daylight Savings Time (Caitlín Standard Time, or CaST), and that helps a lot, too.

Yesterday, I did 1,106 words, so managed to begin Chapter Seven of The Red Tree, but they were hard-won words. The chapter begins with a very long excerpt from Dr. Harvey's manuscript, so I'm having to write not as Sarah Crowe, but as the anthropologist writing about events that transpired in the 1920s.

Maybe this evening I can get some of the photos from Tuesday's day out edited, and then include them in tomorrow morning's entry.

After the writing yesterday, we watched Simon Pegg in David Schwimmer's Run, Fat Boy, Run, and it was, of course, quite funny. I read "Tetrapod burrows from the Triassic of Antarctica," which demonstrates that fossil burrows found at Wahl Glacier in the Beardmore Glacier region of the central Transantarctic Mountains (Lovecraft's "Mountains of Madness") were made by an animal similar to the cynodont Thrinaxodon. Also, a piece in Science —— "Caribbean Megaeruptions Drove a Global Ocean Crisis" —— concerning Oceanic Anoxic Event2 (OAE2) during the Cretaceous Period, about 93.5 million years ago, and the role that volcanism seems to have played in that extinction event. "Deeper waters turned foul as their oxygen disappeared and the sea floor around the globe became a lethal black ooze." Sexy.

I'd love to hear additional comments regarding Sirenia Digest #34, if anyone has any relevant thoughts today. My thanks to everyone who bid in the eBay auctions that ended yesterday evening.

And now, I have a date with 1922...

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