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Nobody knows anybody.

This will be short, because I've not had a day off since Mabon (eight days ago), and I've not left the house since last Wednesday. It's not good for me, and I can't get back into that habit. So, today is a day off, and I have been ordered to go forth into the Outside. There was a small seizure yesterday, and that's usually a pretty good sign I'm doing something wrong.

By now, folks should have Sirenia Digest #34, with which I am quite pleased. It came out long, 57 pages. I was very glad that we got the interview with Karl Persson, and I'm looking forward not only to the reaction to "Untitled #33", but the reaction to the excerpt from The Red Tree.

Last night, I realized that after Burn After Reading, I was craving more Coen Bros., so we watched Miller's Crossing. It might well be my favourite Coen film. It's certainly in the top three. If only for the superb dialog, and the scene where Leo single-handedly takes down the hit squad that Caspar has sent after him, while "Danny Boy" lilts in the background. Wonderful. It's just a perfect film, and it soothes me.

Please, please have a look at the current batch of eBay auctions.

Okay...clothes, right? And...doors. Sheesh. Doors.


Sep. 30th, 2008 05:15 pm (UTC)
Please take good care of yourself.