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"To be an actor, you have to be a child."

Jesus fuck. Paul Newman is dead. One of my very favorite actors ever. Ever. There's no point in me even trying to list His Films I Loved the Most. But he made it to 83, and left something behind to show for it. You can't ask much more than that. Well, you can ask, but there's not much point.

Paul Newman (1925-2008)

Yesterday, 1,537 words on "Untitled 33" (for Sirenia Digest #34). I like where this one's headed. I've already incorporated a great deal of Ovid's Metamorphoses —— the story of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus from the fourth book. And reading Swinburne, in particular "Sapphics," "Anactoria," and "Hermaphroditus." Note that this month's digest will also include a "sneak peak" at The Red Tree, maybe as much as an entire chapter. Oh, and my thanks to asakiyume for pointing me to the underwater sculpture of Jason de Caires Taylor, which should certainly strike a chord with Sirenia readers.

Spooky has begun a new round of eBay auctions, so please do have a look.

It's still rainy here today, and likely to remain rainy for a while yet, I think. But the rain it has a friendly sound...

As for World of Warcraft, last night, after five nights of level crunching, I regained Lvl 19 with my night-elf fighter Mithwen. It only took me 1 day, 9 hours, 21 minutes, and 57 seconds. Now, I'm going to step back from the game a bit, allow myself only a couple of hours a night. I think I'm about to move on from Darnassus and Darkshore to Ashenvale in the south. Oh, but Spooky's worse than me. She just created a Draenai character, a mage named Kuutamo (which, I think, is Finnish for "moonlight"). I love that WoW includes a crashed alien race.

I did get some of the catch-up work on Howards End done before dinner last night. I sent out a list of approved characters/players. And extended the deadline (again) for those who've not yet gotten me char. proposals. The whole project inches slowly forward. At this point, not counting NPCs, we have something like eight or nine approved characters, which is quite a lot considering they'll all be lumped together into the Roanoke Society.

And that is quite enough for now. I suspect Spooky and I may spend the evening watching old Paul Newman movies.

Postscript (4:26 p.m.): Okay, belatedly I'll include something about the godsdamn debates (which I did not see). How about this link to to an article in The New Republic, "Why Voters Thought Obama Won (And Why the Pundits Didn't Get It)"?
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