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Begging off

Holy fuck, but I'm tired.

After the marathon "leveling crunch" last night (Spooky and I both made it back up to Lvl 10, and it only took seven consecutive hours), I managed a long writing day and finished Chapter Six of The Red Tree this afternoon. But now I am far, far too tired and my head too murksome to make a decent journal entry. But I'll get to it in the morning, promise, complete with photographs from yesterday's trip to Fort Weatherill on Conanicut Island. I edited and uploaded the images this morning.

Spooky promises comfort food for dinner, and then...well...I hope to get to Lvl. 15 tonight. Hello, my name is Caitlín. I'm a godsdamned dork.
Tags: exhaustion, gaming, the red tree, the sea

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