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I miss the days before "subject lines."

A chilly morning here in Providence. It would seem autumn is actually on its way.

Bad insomnia last night. Two zolpidem (generic Ambien) just to get to sleep, and then there were the bad dreams, and I woke much too early.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,235 words on Chapter Six of The Red Tree. I might have written more, but there were many distractions, and I had to read part of Thoreau's The Maine Woods (1864) in preparation for the scene. A good portion of the day was spent tweaking the chapbook that will accompany the limited edition of A is for Alien. Spooky actually did a lot of the tedious stuff, reminding me how screwed I'd be without her. So, yes, a rather long and trying day at the keyboard.

Please do have a look at the current eBay auctions, if you have not already. Please bid if you are so able and so inclined.

I have essentially taken a "vacation" from Second Life, venturing in each day only long enough to check messages and attend to business that needs tending. And, after only about a week, I discover that I am feeling quite a bit better. And solidifying my opinion that, somehow, SL actually selects for the most socially inept and asinine individuals avialable. SL has been the source of so much of my anger recently, and as I put distance between myself and it, I'm also watching the anger drop to its "normal" background levels (which are still quite high, mind you). I would even go so far as to say I have felt an genuine lessening of my contempt for humanity. Some of you may wonder, as I withdraw from SL, what this means for the Howards End project. It's still there, but I no longer consider it part of SL, sensu stricto. Rather, it is a safe haven from the idiots, the face lights, the ceaseless chatter of lolspeak, the virtual strip malls, the candy-colored werewolves. It is a sanctuary. It's a closed system. We have different rules there. They act to minimize my anger.

But, sadly, after fifteen months (!) on Second Life, I can only conclude that I was wrong. It is not the Best Toy Ever. It might have been, but the blingtards hold the upper hand, and, likely, they always will.

As for World of Warcrack, which seems to have become my new online "addiction," last night Merricat (night-elf warrior) made level 16 and halfway to 17.

We also watched Kill Bill (Vol. 1) again. And that was, mostly, yesterday. I need to leave the house soon. Oh, before I wrap this up, behind the cut are a couple of images from the recent Alaska Women Reject Palin rally in Anchorage. Feel free the spread them around. I can't even believe this whole "Palinmania" thing. Have people missed the part where she's a bona-fide religious cultist, or is it the part where she's simply unqualified to be vice president that they're missing?

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