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"Feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air..."

Somehow, even though I got up at 10:30 ayem, I'm now completely behind. And I need to get the corrected text of the chapbook to accompany A is for Alien off to subpress before I start writing.

Yesterday, I did 1,318 words on Chapter Six of The Red Tree.

My thanks to Geoffrey for sending me the July 14th issue of Publisher's Weekly, which contains my "signature review" of Gene Wolfe's forthcoming sf novel, An Evil Guest. I had not yet seen the review in print.

Last night, we saw the Coens' Burn After Reading at the Avon on Thayer Street. I loved it, but my thoughts are presently too disorganized to say just exactly why. It's almost a horror film, this movie, the way that Fargo was almost a horror film, an exploration of idiocy that leads one to think just a little too much about the ubiquitous nature of idiocy. I'm pretty sure Brad Pitt was channeling Spongebob. John Malkovich was delightful, and yeah, so was Tilda Swinton (but, you know, Tilda Swinton could make a fucking Burger King commercial and I'd probably pronounce it deserving of an Oscar). I love the way that the Coens can make smooth-as-fifty-year-old-scotch George Clooney twitchy. Anyway, yes, marvelous film.

Please have a look at the new eBay auctions.

Last night, in World of Warcrack, Merricat, the night-elf warrior, reached Level 15, and halfway to 16. Got me a fancy new scimitar. Yesh. Heads will roll....

Oh, an interesting exchange with my editor regarding editing and copyediting. Penguin is trying to switch over to doing it all electronically, using the "track changes" feature in MS Word. I said that I was uncomfortable going this route, and, besides, I had no idea how to do it and no interest in learning how. I explained that I like holding actual pages while editing, and then having the copyedited manuscripts for archival purposes. Anne was very understanding, and I apologized for being a Luddite, and she said we can edit The Red Tree the old-fashioned way. I don't know how long I can get away with this, but I sincerely hope it's quite a while longer yet.
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