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Howard Hughes Battles the Pink Robots (Part 6b)

I haven't made an entry since September 14th, when I made a short and scattered entry. And now I am faced with the unenviable task of trying to play catch up. Except, I know that I can't, so, instead, I'll just touch on the highlights of the past few days. They are a blur of some genuinely impressive mouth pain, and almost no sleep at all. Last night, finally pain free, I slept a remarkable eight hours, and almost feel functional again today.


Friday night (September 12): After writing all day, we drove to Warwick, because Newbury Comics was having a thirtieth anniversary sale. 30% off lots of stuff, including used DVDs, which was our main interest in going. We picked up Kill Bill (Vols. 1 and 2), Amelie, Slither, and Interview with the Vampire. All of which came to just under $40. Yay sales. However, by the time we left the store, it was dark and rainy, and when Spooky cranked the engine, the windshield wipers wouldn't wipe. The motor that drives them had burned out. So, we called AAA to get the car towed back to Providence, and called Spooky's mom, who came up from Saunderstown and gave us a ride home. Back home, cold and damp, we had night #2 of the Amazing Chicken Soup, watched Slither again (love that movie), and read more of Interview with the Vampire. And it was that night that the mouth pain went from a nagging, minor thing, which it has been since my last dentist appointment in May, to full-blown Hurt. First night of not sleeping.


Saturday (September 13): All day, stoned off my ass on Oxy and zolpidem and Klonopin, and I managed to get nothing written, no work done. I could hardly concentrate on listening to Spooky read, though that's mostly what we did. I lay on the sofa and bed, my mouth throbbing, and listened to Spooky reading Anne Rice aloud to me. Late, in a fit of desperation, unable to listen to more of the novel (Claudia had just poisoned Lestat, a part of the book that leaves me heartsick for all three characters)...this sentence has clearly lost direction. Let's try again.

Later, in a fit of desperation, needing distraction, I signed up for the free ten-day trial of World of Warcraft and played for five hours straight. It's like....crack. Actually, it's a lot like Morrowind, with better (though more stylized, more like a Final Fantasy game) art and animation. It's actually a very, very playable game, much to my surprise. I don't see a lot of room for rp in WoW, and even though I signed onto a supposedly rp-dedicated client, there were still people with idiotic, inappropriate "names" —— Chickenwing, Imripped, etc. What the hell. Are there really people who can't stop being jackasses long enough to get into the spirit of a game? Or do they not even grasp the concept of character? Also, when I'm anyplace I can pick up chat (Darnassus, for example), the homophobic lolspeak is excruciating. But, other than those three drawbacks, like I said, WoW is quite playable, and I'm having fun with it. I'm now a Level 13 night-elf fighter named Merricat (thank you, Shirley Jackson). Day #3 of the ACS.


Sunday (September 14): Sick from my second night without sleep, and sick from all the Oxy, and the bloody pain, I stared out the window a lot, unable to even begin to work. I did play some WoW. There was a 5 p.m. meeting of all the folks in the Howards End rp and build-team groups, and I think I managed not to make an ass of myself, despite being asleep and sick. My thanks to everyone who came. Great turn out. There was ooc banter (which will be rare in HE), and many questions were asked, and, afterwards, people wandered about the sim. It gave me some hope this will actually happen. But, as the evening wore on, after dinner and night #4 of the Amazing Chicken Soup, the pain in my mouth became too great a distraction, and I just sort of shut down. I've had a LOT of tooth pain in my life, but Sunday night and Monday morning were truly unforgettable. I think I got to sleep about 5 ayem, and slept fitfully.


Monday (yesterday): It was suddenly summer again, hot. Spooky found me a dentist over on College Hill, and I had a 3:30 appointment. I took Oxy and Advil and waited. Oh, I bathed. Rarely, have I so looked forward to a dentist appointment. Anyway, it went as well as such things can. No abscess, which surprised me, but there's no saving the cracked tooth. He removed the filling that was put into it back in February, then packed it with antibiotics and something that tastes of clove oil and made the pain stop. It will buy me some time, though no one can say how long. Then, I'll go back for the extraction.

After the dentist, I needed the sea. I loathe feeling frail, and I felt extremely frail yesterday. So, after we swung back by the house, Spooky drove me down to Point Judith and Harbor of Refuge. The sea does not make me feel less fragile, but it puts my fragility in perspective. Next to Panthalassa, even granite is frail, so who am I to feel dread or disappointment at my own weak flesh? We walked about just a bit, because I was woozy, and watched dragonflies and Monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus), which were everywhere. I picked up some clam shells (Mercenaria mercenaria), and we headed back to Narragansett. My mouth was still a bit numb, but we stopped at Iggy's, because we were both starving, and I managed a bowl of chowder (Manhattan style) and a couple of doughboys. On the way home, I dialed the iPod to Sigur Rós, and dozed until we were back in the city. That, in synopsis, was the last four days.


Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Hopefully, today marks a return to "normal." Oh, the reprise of summer lasted only a day, and it's cool again.
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