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Addendum: Point Judith, again

So, as promised earlier today, a dozen photographs (behind the cut) from yesterday evening's visit to Point Judith:

View from atop the Rabbits' Restroom, looking southwest, to Harbor of Refuge.

I hold aloft a defunct horseshoe crab, gripped firmly by its telson (ventral view).

Same as above (dorsal view).

The opisthosoma of another dead horseshoe crab. In life, the opisthosoma contains musculature for the operation of the book gills and the telson.

On the jetty at Harbor of Refuge, as waves break over the granite barrier; view to the south.

A wider view of the same (taken a bit earlier, by the look of the lighting); view to the south.

Me, glammed up in baggy jeans and my Ravenclaw toboggan cap, getting damp (view to the southeast).

The reason we only went about 200 yards down the jetty (view to the southwest).

Based on the height of the jetty wall (about five feet), I would estimate some of this spray was being thrown as high as fifteen feet (and call that a conservative estimate); view to the southwest.

An even higher one (view to the southwest).

View back to the northeast from the jetty. The hill is the ruins of Ft. Greene, built in 1941. The yellow "A" marks the spot where we sat and took photographs last Sunday evening.

Gratuitous lighthouse shot; looking east to Point Judith.

All photographs Copyright © 2008 by Kathryn A. Pollnac.

Tags: rhode island, the sea
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