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a sickly moment of dark surprise

Yesterday, I wrote 822 words on "Some Notes on an Unfinished Film," which is becoming quite interesting. But now I have to set it aside and go back to work on The Red Tree. The story will still be there later this month. I might have time to finish it for Sirenia Digest #34, maybe. If not, it will likely show up in the October issue. Vince and I have agreed to do something very different this month. Usually, I write a story or vignette and send it to him to illustrate. This month, however, he's going to do a drawing, and then send it to me, at which point I'll write a story based in it. Look for the result of this experiment in Sirenia Digest #34, later this month.

Sorry, no pretty photos of the seashore today. Today, all you get is me.

I forgot to mention that Not One of Us will be reprinting "Flotsam" in an upcoming issue. October, I think.

Last night, Spooky sold the Palaeozoic Museum in New Babbage (SL) for me. It has left a weird, sad feeling. On the one hand, I'm glad it won't be torn down. It's been there for over a year (which is probably ten years in SL time), and one of the things that New Babbage (and all of SL) suffers from is a lack of place-identity, which is aggravated by an absence of history, a paucity of sense of self and place. I am grateful to the buyer, who desires only to preserve the structure. On the other hand, well, maybe there is no other hand. I will be keeping the Abney Park laboratory in New Babbage, but most of my SL attention has to be focused now on Howards End, both the build and the roleplay.

My thanks to the people who've taken the time to comment on the latest issue of the digest, and I'm quite pleased that the reaction to "The Z Word" has been so positive, and that people seem to have enjoyed the interview with (and artwork by) Max Sauco.

Not much else to say about yesterday, really. Spooky made corn on the cob and beef stroganoff for dinner. I had another go at EVE, but I think I've decided that it really is too absurdly complicated, and commerce obsessed, and I'm not up to investing so much time and energy in a game, no matter how pretty it might be. I read "A new species of Velociraptor [Dinosauria; Theropoda] from the Upper Cretaceous of northern China" in the newest JVP. That was about it for last night.

If you have not already, please do pick up a copy of the mass-market paperback of Daughter of Hounds. The actual release date was yesterday, and I completely forgot. Anyway, now all my novels (except The Five of Cups, thank fuck) are available in inexpensive mmp editions. Also, if you have not yet pre-ordered A is for Alien, there's no time like the present.

And now, I need more coffee....
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