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"Don't let me falter, don't let me hide..."

The start of a beautiful afternoon here in Providence today. A steady wind, and the air through my office window is cool and smells very faintly of the sea. The sun is bright.

Quite a good writing day yesterday. I did 1,357 words on Chapter Four of The Red Tree. A slow start, but then it came with relative ease.

And there are days —— most days, really —— when the Life of a Working Writer is exactly as interesting as that second paragraph. Those are the days that do not make for very interesting journal entries.

Two days now since I've left the house, not since that rather dispiriting drive down to Narragansett back on Thursday. I so do not want to return to my reclusive ways, the life I was living in Atlanta, but when I am in the midst of a novel, it's so easy. By the end of the day, I don't feel like seeing people or being seen. I especially don't feel like being seen. And so this descent begins, slipping back. We need to get up to Boston, or down to NYC, where there are people we know, but...that would mean sacrificing at least one, and probably two or three days, I cannot now afford to sacrifice.

Spooky went out and got pizza from Pizza Pie'er on Wickenden Street last night. My new favourite pizza place. Their "meatachoke" is glorious. Meatballs and artichokes. Afterwards, well, yeah. Second Life. A lot of talk about Howards End, and Spooky has made a nice skybox for the builders to hang out in. Tonight, I need to put together a note card, or series of note cards, with the relevant short stories and send them out to group members. We have maybe five or ten slots left open, if I stick with my original cap of 25-30 members, but I might let it expand a bit. I'm starting to think that, at the inception, there will be only two or three active "factions" —— the occult research group based out of the Athenaeum, the Changelings, and maybe, for kid avs, the Children of the Cuckoo down in the warrens. There may not be any call for actual ghouls and vampires for some time (you'll recall, they really don't get a lot of "screen time" in the books). This will largely be a story about more or less human characters, at least in the beginning. This should actually make things a little easier on those who are new to rp.

Oh, and as for New Babbage, the SL steampunk sim where I "cut my teeth," so to speak. I'll be closing down the Palaeozoic Museum and putting those two large parcels up for sale (without the Museum). For now, I will keep the Abney Park Laboratory.

Late, Spooky and I watched an episode of Angel, because we were both in the mood. We picked "Shells" from Season Five. And then I did a little rp in Corvinus (thank you, Sev and Ania), and an odd deal was struck between my Ravnos antitribu and a Toreador woman, a bookseller. Think My Fair Lady, with vampires. Nareth is to be taught manners and how to be a more sociable beast. It ought to at least be hilarious.

The platypus is giving me the hairy eyeball, because I have not yet mentioned the current eBay auctions, or pre-orders for A is for Alien or the mass-market paperback of Daughter of Hounds.

Postscript (1:01 p.m.) —— Spooky just informed me that Rasputina will be playing the Paradise in Boston on the 20th, and I'm wondering if I have clothes to wear, and if I can drag my sorry ass to a show.
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