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Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place.

Yesterday, I did 1,244 words on Chapter Four of The Red Tree. I'm deep into an especially difficult scene, a scene made difficult by its setting and the emotional state of the two characters involved. But it seems to be going well.

Also, yesterday, I finally sent the introduction to S.T. Joshi's Arthur Machen collection away to Larry Roberts at Bloodletting Press. And the mail brought contracts for "The Wolf Who Cried Girl," which is to appear in Horror: The Best of the Year (2008 edition). And also my comp copies of Steve Jones' The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror (Volume 19), which reprints "The Ape's Wife," and which marks the 9th time since 1998 that I've had a story selected for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Spooky and I selected three artists who will hopefully agree to be interviewed for Sirenia Digest #33-#36, then sent their contact information along to Geoffrey. Writing wise, that was most of yesterday.

There was no film for after dinner, and I was too weary from writing for any sort of excursion Outside. So, I spent most of the evening on Second Life. First, there was some planning for the Howards End sim that needed doing, sketching out the general topography for our terraformer. One of the marvelous things about this sim is that there will be a lot of tunnels, though exploring them will be extremely perilous. Oh, Spooky got in touch with Travis Burton, who did the cover photograph for the 3rd edition of Tales of Pain and Wonder. We're hoping he can supply us with reference photos for the old train tunnel below College Hill. Because, you know, it can't just be any railway tunnel. It has to be that railroad tunnel. Later, there was a very, very peculiar roleplay with Ieva Lutrova, and I'm not even sure that I can summarize it. My unwillingness to make summary is infamous. But she has this huge starship, and, just for shits and giggles, we rezzed in 700 meters above the island that will become Howard's End. And began sort of a mini-epic rp, that I think took us about four or five hours. Just the two of us. The story was full of space-opera clichés, but, regardless, it was a blast, acting it out, allowing it to grow organically, having begun with only the simplest of premises. Part of the true magic of SL free-form rp is that is allows you to recapture the "pretend" of childhood, only with wonderful props. Yeah, sorry. No synopsis. You just sort of had to be there, I think. Oh, and there's another screencap below of my Ravnos antitribu character, standing with her Master, the one who holds her chain, a Tzimisce koldun and Sabbat Templar.

Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thank you. And my thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered the mass market paperback of Daughter of Hounds and to those who will do so today. This would be a good day for comments, by the way. Just to keep pushing me along. For example, I'd still love to hear more reactions to Sirenia Digest #32. Oh, and someone asked yesterday who i would "cast" as Saben White in the Howards End sim, and though I have a couple of thoughts, I'm open to suggestions.

Anyway, a screencap:

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