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"We're miles adrift, we're inches away..."

The way I feel this afternoon, I should not even attempt a journal entry. Yet, here I am, attempting it.

Another trip to Saunderstown yesterday. I had to read through all of Chapter Three of The Red Tree, and it was more pleasant doing it there than here.

I did manage to finish Chapter Eleven of Fraser's Dawn of the Dinosaurs: Life in the Triassic., "Time to Go Our Separate Ways: The Newark Supergroup." It touched on some neat beasts, such as Icarosaurus, Tanytrachelos, and Hypuronector. I may actually manage to finish this book before the end of the summer.

No...I was right. I am definitely not up to this entry. Please do remember that Amazon is now taking preorders for the new mass-market paperback of Daughter of Hounds and that subpress is taking preorders on A is for Alien.

Oh, and here are the photos from Friday. If dead things bother you, you might not want to look:

Tags: a is for alien, bad days, critical thought, doh, idiots, paleo, rhode island, the red tree

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