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So, today will be consumed with all the last-minute, getting-ready-for-Dragon*Con type stuff. Right now, Spooky's packing up the books I'll have for sale (a few of just about everything). Me, I'm just trying to scrape up a bit of enthusiasm for the weekend. Usually, I'm very enthusiastic about Dragon*Con. The last few years, it's been a bright spot for me, a welcomed relief from the monotony of being a writer. This year there's so much stress that my mind has simply refused to downshift into Dragon*Con mode. I keep trying to force it, and it keeps not happening. Or I'll almost get there, and then some new, stress-inducing shitstorm comes along to bump me back out into the Real World. The frelling Real World will still be here on Tuesday when the con is over. The frelling Real World can get along without me for four goddamn days.

Anyway, my first panel is at 5:30 p.m. tomorrow.

I understand that the anthology Darkside III: Walk on the Darkside is now in stores. It includes my story, "La Mer des Rêves."

And we have only five days (four if you don't count today) until the release of Murder of Angels. I'm still not ready.

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